Transcript: Sens. Chuck Schumer and John Cornyn

KRUGMAN: Well, you think -- yes, but think about it this way. It's under 1 percent of GDP. It's not -- obviously, it's a big thing, in terms of the way budget debates are done. But it's actually not a big thing in terms of the larger picture on the budget.

There are questions about how -- you know, what's our debt outlook going to be, 10 years, 15 years from now, are really barely affected by -- by this.

It's just -- it's a big number if you look at it in the abstract. If you look at it in context, it's not really a big thing, because the uninsured are mostly relatively young and relatively healthy.

The expensive people have been under a single-payer system called Medicare all along.

GILLESPIE: The notion of the savings, though. I just -- we've never seen this before, and I don't think we're going to see it again. And I have to give them credit at this White House. They're very good at the stagecraft. And they bring in the health care industry and they say we're going to save $2 trillion on health care expenditures.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Over 10 years?

GILLESPIE: Over 10 years -- and not a single detail about it. It reminded me of the old Steve Martin routine. He said, I'm going to write a book, "How to be a Millionaire." First, get a million dollars.


First, you get $2 trillion.


GREENBURG: That was also, you know, I mean, in terms of what the White House, I think, has been very good at is really setting some of these priorities, you know, as Gwen was, kind of, starting off this discussion, too.

I mean, you know, think about what we've been discussing this morning, all the things that are on President Obama's plate. He's wanting to make health care reform, kind of, his crowning achievement this first year.

And that, of course, influenced, going back to the discussion earlier, why he selected Sonia Sotomayor in the first place. You know, his political...


GREENBURG: ... she was going to be almost impossible for Republicans to oppose, as we're certainly seeing now. They're falling all over themselves. So...

STEPHANOPOULOS: And it clears the path for health care.


STEPHANOPOULOS: One issue he wants to avoid is another one in the news this week, gay marriage -- again, Proposition 8 in California. The California Supreme Court upheld the ban on gay marriage but allowed the existing marriages to be -- to stay in place.

And right after that, very strange bedfellows came out, David Boies and Ted Olson. These were the two lawyers, opposing lawyers in Bush v. Gore. They have joined together to challenge this ban. They want to take the issue of gay marriage to the Supreme Court.

OLSON: Creating a second class of citizens is discrimination, plain and simple.

BOIES: Our Constitution guarantees every American the right to be treated equally under the law. There is no right more fundamental than the right to marry the person that you love.

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