David Plouffe on 'This Week'

President Obama's senior adviser on the upcoming debate.
3:00 | 09/30/12

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Transcript for David Plouffe on 'This Week'
Turned out of the White House view the president's top strategist David -- he is running debate prep part of the debate prep. For President Obama coming up in the next couple days he joins us now you just heard Governor -- right there David -- says the president is not gonna tell the truth. On Wednesday night. Well of course we are George. First -- Governor Christie. You know and I think this is clear that Romney belief. He's raising expectations for what's gonna happen in this debate -- -- they're predicting that the race will change fundamentally. What does that mean. That means states like Ohio and Iowa. You know become very close -- and tighten up so they'll be a way to measure this. And -- challengers -- you really -- in debates that's been history. We believed all on the governor Romney probably has more. Benefit out of this today potentially than we do but what we're gonna tell the American people on Wednesday night as we have through the whole campaign is exactly where we -- a country. Where we need to go how we rebuild an economy that makes -- middle class secure. And with great detail so people understand when if this president gets reelected what he's gonna do for them for the middle class in the next four years. -- just heard from Governor Christie says that when the president says that the Walt you're gonna get attacks that that is a -- from President Obama. Strong words and not true listen. -- analyst at look at this. Someone who makes over three million dollars a year would get over -- quarter million dollar tax cut -- governor Romney's plan would be enacted and let's just step back it's a five trillion dollar tax cut. Two trillion dollars in defense spending by the way that our pentagon. And our military leadership says we don't know another trillion dollars to extend all the bush tax cuts next eight trillion dollars. The notion that somehow by closing loopholes for the wealthy. That the middle class is going to be held harmless. You know the middle class needs understand. If it -- Romney wins this presidential election they're going to be paying the bill not to reduce the deficit. Not to reduce jobs but to give huge tax cuts for the wealthy this -- we're happy to have that debate because we think the facts on our saw this. If the president suddenly telling the truth has become a theme inside the Romney campaign a couple weeks ago I sat down with governor -- here's what he said. You learn from studied all this about President Obama as a debater when you look -- four. Well I think he's gonna say a lot of things are inaccurate. And you know I'm I'm I'd be tempted to go back to that wonderful line by Ronald Reagan there you go again. Now President Obama has admitted in that sixty minutes in -- media campaign is gone overboard at times. With the rhetoric are you -- the president -- have a rough night with the fact checkers on Wednesday. Absolutely not -- -- we still believe -- going to be a close race there's no doubt that it will tighten we're not gonna win battleground states by ten or eleven points. But the reason you know governor Romney's having a rough patch here is not because of what we're saying about his plans -- his plans. OK and you know he ought to start by first looking in the mirror people do not want to go back to the same trickle down policies that helped cause a recession in the first place. They don't think that's gonna help them or their family. From a leadership standpoint for the last couple weeks. You know obviously he said some things around -- attacks Egypt and Libya that raise your questions but also this 47% comment. You know I think the message that sends the American people as if he's already written off half the country. Says that they're not his concern. That their victims -- don't want take personal responsibility so were happy to have a debate about our economic plans are tax plans where we want to take the country in terms of health care and education. And by the way it is rich George you covered this race very carefully. Governor Romney during the primary -- -- his opponents when they complained he said stop whining. And this is someone who -- questioned the president on things like he's your president trying to make us a less Christian nation and were apologizing for America so give me a break. You know presidential campaigns are tough but we're were saying is the truth about what governor Romney wants to do now that may be inconvenient because of people aren't accepting it. But we're we're very confident with the case we're gonna make proactively about the president. And how that contrasts and on and around the got -- Nationally can be tough in these debates as as you point 98. We're seeing some reports he's preparing -- fingers -- to get under the president's skin -- the president's at times in debates in the past. Seemed a little impatient little irritable -- -- about that. Why the president views this is is is part of the entire campaign. You know -- our convention the -- we don't battleground states he adds we're running. Now the debate it's just a chance to to have a community a conversation the American people. About where we are a country where we need to go to help the middle class be more secure and our governor Romney clearly they've been practicing these singers in lines for months so I'm sure that will -- a clever lines. But that's all -- now with the American people are looking for. So you know there may be -- the judge -- to be you know kind of ranked well but the American people are going to be listening for not a clever line. But a good idea to help move this country forward and help them and her family and that's what our folks is going to be so listen he's prepared more than any candidate I think -- history certainly in recent memory. So we believe governor Romney has it he's that a good debater in the past. He's very prepared he's got all these clever -- and singers and lines in his pocket so we understand he'll probably have a good night away. Can you mentioned governor Romney's response the attacks on the consulate -- -- guys the president and his team have also come in for some questions about that as well and the stories about what exactly happened. That day EA UN ambassador Susan Rice in the days after that attack on this program said it was a spontaneous response all the evidence -- to an anti Muslim. Film is since then we've learned. That it was an organized attack and that some intelligence and pentagon officials suspected that early on and that has prompted this criticism from governor Romney. We see the confused slow and inconsistent response to the terrorist attack in Libya. A refusal to be frank with the American people about what happened and a complete failure to explain the growing terrorist threat we face in the region. The chairman of the homeland security committee and -- Peter King is going even farther calling -- -- ambassador rice to resign your response. Astronaut Susan Rice is done and perfect job for this country and administration. George there's been an ongoing investigation and this is an -- -- an event of great interest to the news -- the public understandably. So there's been information provided real time. Obviously -- know -- and about an event a week after it happens and more two weeks after it happens there was -- and the 24 hours after it happened suspected it was a terrorist attack. Well what ambassador rice and others -- doing where we're going on with the our intelligence agencies were saying at the moment. And obviously once -- became convinced that in fact this was an act of terrorism. That's then where we've all band so we'll look let's talk about governor -- from -- in Georgia due out an election 37 days. You know and we're happy to have a debate about our approach to terrorism foreign policy this president promised a few things in 2008 he and the Iraq War he did. He would take the fight to al-Qaeda and degrade them he has he would focus on bin Laden and bring in the justice we did. The governor Romney called the ending the Iraq -- tragic. He set on that secret 47% tape actually it was unthinkable we didn't leave 20000 troops behind in Iraq he would've brought the surge troops home from Afghanistan that we just recovered. And he said famously in 2008. He would've gone to Pakistan to get bin Laden so we're gonna have a foreign policy debate later in this in this election these are important issues and not just from a foreign policy standpoint. One of the reasons that we have huge deficits as we had these unpaid wars so I think the voters also view these foreign policy issues through the prism of the economy we'll preview -- and I get a -- thanks very much.

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