Editor of The Nation on GOP health care bill: 'This is a betrayal of Trump's own voters'

The powerhouse roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
11:16 | 03/12/17

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Transcript for Editor of The Nation on GOP health care bill: 'This is a betrayal of Trump's own voters'
We have a phony jobs number. They say it's down the 5%. The real number is 25%. Don't believe those phony numbers when you hear4.9 and 5% unemployment. The 5% number is a total phony number. It was made up by politicians to try to make them look good. I spoke to the president right before this. He said, it may have been phony in the past, but they're real now. What a difference a good jobs report can be. Joined by rich Lowry. Katrina vanden heuvel. Chris tin Soltis Anderson. And Jamal Simmons. This administration says if a group gives you any information you like, it's all good. The cbo, according to Mick Mulvaney, not so good. There are a lot of divides in Washington these days. What's going to make this health care debate is can trump pull it over the finish line? A lot of folks in the house freedom caucus who, they would love nothing more than to go back to their districts to say, they stuck to it the man, establishment, leadership. That means sticking to it president trump? I think if it means sticking it to president trump that means a calculation. They wound up having trump win by an achblg of 25 points. If this is trumpcare, it will be a lot harder to vote against it. Do you agree? He could end up being lbj with a Twitter feed. It will be uncomfortable in you're a last group of holdouts. He gives you a nickname. He goes after you. You'll face ferocious internal party pressure. He seems to be trying to cajole right now. The house guyses, they are very department on the idea that trump will stick with this thing and help get it through. If this thing passed and goes through the house and senate before Easter the way they plan, it will be one of the most significant just sheer exercises of political muscle we have ever seen. So stepping back apart from the transactional, this is a betrayal of trump's own voters. If this goes through as it is, eviscerating medicaid. Cutting health care for the rural people who voted for him for low-income people. Older people. So I think that's something the Democrats need to expose and I think, you know, we're sitting here 52 days from trump's presidency. He's tested the values of our country, the stamina of our country. A passel of broken promises. Lots of lice. One thing that I take heart from is that millions of people are engaged now. We talk about the resistance. We need to go from resistance to rebuilds, recommitting, people running for office. I think health care becomes the issue for 2018. You showed pictures of trump saying people will get better health care at low cost. I'm not going to cut medicaid. He's doing that. Katrina mentioned 2018. Tom cotton said he's telling his colleagues in the house, if you vote for this, you're going to be in trouble. I totally believe they'll be in trouble. Two of these freedom caucus members voted for the bill. How can you vote for it when you don't know how much it costs? They need to get the cbo numbers out. If there is something wrong with the cbo, it's run bay Republican appointed by president bush. Get to the bottom of it. Cut there are 54 billion out of domestic spending, it takes things out of the great Lakes restoration fund, from $100 million down to $10. Or the Chesapeake bay fund. Clean water is at stake here. People in America are very concerned about that. Let me pick up the point Katrina made. "The New York Times" did an analysis this week. First one I have seen. The look at who loses in the repeal bill. They believe that the subsidies losses are falling heaviest, Kristen, on those voters who voted, most overwhelmingly, for trump. The impact is on those most supportive of the president. This is going to put a lot of folks in a tough position. There's a chance that Donald Trump does not stick with this all the way through until the end. That he begins to see the writing on the wall. If this does not get through the house quickly, does begin to change his posture. Donald Trump never likes to be on the losing side of anything. Likes to position himself as having put himself into the winning side. It would not surprise me if trump's voters begin to be very vocal and push back against this. If trump's voters wind up saying they want this less and trump is not able to sell them on it in some way,ky see him going back pedal. The cbo score, I think it will be fine on the the cost. It will be devastating on the coverage. Trying to say that wasn't the president's promise. It's unachievable that everyone is going to be covered. They need to pay attention to do coverage numbers. This whole process is built on speed, rather than getting it right. Ryan thinks every day that passes, he loses momentum. He does. They should take a breath and try to get it right. They're worried about the cbo estimate. 20 million people were not covered prior to the passage of Obamacare. I'm not being -- this is not unrealistic. People will die because of loss of coverage. The main thing to me is, just on the broeng promises, president trump promised to drain the swamp. He's filled wit billionaires and bankers. It's a government of the 1%. This -- health care, trumpcare, is tenlly a massive redistribution of wealth through tax cuts to the rich. He speaks to voter who is want drupgs. And you can't blame a lot of his voter. Because there is anger in the country. But this is -- The bipartisan committee for the responsible budget says the 0.9% surcharge cut could lead to medicare being insol vept. For an accountable and open gonch government, this is not what we're getting. Obamacare was funded with a little taxes here and there. It changes the way that the federal government engauges with medicaid, hoping to make it more fiscally responsible. Oh no. Hold on a second. To rich. I take your point on the repeal. When you look at the specifics of the tax cuts and you heard the director, the overwhelming going to people who earn over $1 million a year. They're giving this tax break to insurance companies that will subsidize million-dollar salaries. Isn't that going to be difficult to defend? I don't think they should play that game. Obama increased taxes on the rich. They're just rolling them back. Let's not mistake. It's not just a partisan talking point that Obamacare is unraveling. It's a fact. You have premiums skyrocketing. Major executive saying the Obamacare exchanges are in a death spiral. But the buy-ins stayed stable in the last round of signups. Medicare and medicaid are the two great success stories of this country. We should be building on medicare and medicaid, which are more efficient than private insurance policy. Building on the cost-saving advances of Obama care. Not taking us back as the Republican party is doing. Not making America great again. I want to move on to the issue of wiretaps and president trump's charge. The members of congress don't expect the justice department to come forward. How much longer can the president go without arding it. He basically went underground this week and refused to answer any questions. Zli think concerns about Donald Trump's engagements with countries like Russia is what's holding president trump back. 55% approval on the economy. But when you ask about foreign affairs, his worst numbers. 55% disapproval. A lot of it is because we, as Americans, are viewing Russia as a greater threat than ever before. As long as this continues to be a headline, it will be an anchor on trump's numbers. He tweeted this because he was angry. It's really based on no facts, as far as we can tell. You can tell from the body language at the white house, they want to memory-hole this thing. If they wanted to get to the bottom of it, they would have for any so-called FISA warrants and know immediately what the facts were. Is that okay? No, obviously, he should tweet things that are untrue. I think we need an independent investigation into the allegations of Russia's interference in the election. Think the Democrats make the mistake of fixating on it at the expense of other programs. Donald Trump is prancing around like a circus barker talking about jobs. The Democrats need to lay out a real bold program. I'll quote my dad on this who said something is stinky with the trump administration when it comes to Russia. We don't know what it is. It's like you open the refrigerator, you know something is bad, you can't figure out what sit. That's why we need an independent investigation. Until we have some sort of independent investigation, there will be a lot of questions a lot of Americans will have. This will haunt all the trump and Ryan Republicans who are helping him on this. Will they hold the line against the independent investigation? Trump is focussed mostly on his own voters. There are huge dwids over concerned about Russia. Do you need an independent prosecutor or is this something congress can handle? People say, no, no, no, we need something independent. When you ask should there be a special prosecute sner Republicans and people who voted for trump think this is much a do about nothing. I don't think trump feeting pressure pressures from his constituency. They walked metaphorically across the street and gave to it wikileaks to distribute. If they're not guilty, they should stop acting like it.

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