Axelrod Slams Romney

Obama campaign adviser hits Mitt Romney on changing positions.
5:48 | 10/16/11

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Transcript for Axelrod Slams Romney
That's the President Obama well Jonathan did mention that -- signature jobs plan failed his first big test in the senate. I sat down with the president's campaign strategist David Axelrod. To discuss can be. And take stock of his Republican challenges. This past week the president's jobs bill died in the senate. Well you -- it would take a setback it we're gonna keep that oh but is pretty much. Dead in the format in terms of being being approved as one as one entity but now we're gonna take it apart -- go piece by piece the American people support every single plank of that bill. And we're gonna vote on every single one. All right but you don't just last month He said about this bill that this is not an island -- -- -- And yet now as you've just announced yourself this is going to be an content while on yourself in this position we hope to assemble the entire plan. And we're gonna take vote. Votes on each one of them so what will be the first that you proposed that would be the payroll would -- -- the infrastructure what will be the first bits that you try to reassemble that of that of that news I'm not -- American. Discuss the legislative calendar here but -- will be done sequentially. And the sequences is is being discussed right now and you think that you can get -- -- reassembled and the -- is -- -- anything that's going to go through. Well we'll see is that a lot of opposition well not among the American people the American people strongly support in the American people going to be heard. On this legislation. I think so many Americans are just sitting there saying. Act to congress do something stop playing games so what about occupy Wall Street and is this something that -- Benefit to a party benefit the president goes into the -- well that remains to be seen obviously I don't think any American has impressed when they see. A governor Romney and all the Republican candidates have the first thing they do is roll back. Wall Street reforms and go back to where we were before the crisis and what Wall Street. Right its own rules I think that will be an issue. In this campaign -- beneficial to the president or is it detrimental to the president I -- awful some of them saying. You know the president himself has a lot of Wall Street in his cabinet -- You know I don't know and I don't know how to judge that and I don't know that anybody does and we -- in this business to try and treat everything as a kind of seminal event you see some of that around these. Wall Street. Protests now I do know this the American people want a financial system that works on the level they -- -- get a fair shake. And they want to know that the dealings that are made are done transparently so if there are problems such as the ones we saw before the crisis. Will be alerted to and we can stop the whole economy from being. From being turned over. If the president can't work with congress a congress can't work with the president to get these things done now. How would it be different in a second time when may -- both houses of congress will be Republican well first of all let's see what. Happens in the -- I think nineteen I think that there -- I do believe that when the president wins this election and I believe He will in this election I think there's going to be a an occasion for self reflection on the part of the Republican Party and they're gonna have to decide. -- wanna keep going down this road of obstruction keep going down this road of of non action or are they gonna work together to solve problem will would. Let me ask -- this. Mitt Romney -- had a conference -- this week basically highlighting what you want to see in the upcoming campaign. You saying that he's a flip flop you're talking about all sorts of of ways in which you hope to be able to -- into the post. Do you think that Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee who President Obama faces. I really don't know there was a poll out this week that showed him. And at the same 23%. He's been throughout the race now Herman Cain. Is leaving the primary the last poll Rick Perry was leading -- earlier Michelle Bachman was doing. -- but Romney's days as -- why because I think there's this question about what his core principles are he's been running for office for almost twenty years. For the senator and governor of Massachusetts that He was a pro choice pro gay rights pro environmental. Candidates for office. Then decided to run for president they don't want radeon all of that so time and time and time again He shifts and you get the feeling that there is no principle too large for him to throw over. In pursuit of a political office -- do you think is going to come down and -- that I don't know who gonna face but. You mentioned Bachmann and pairing -- -- Do you think. -- is going to stay at the top I think you know I'd I don't know I mean if you were if as a political professional you'd look at it and -- say. There are two candidates who are likely. To be competing at the and then one would be Perry and the other would be run religious based on the resources. That they have but this is a funny years I don't know you just mentioned the two man race between Perry and Romney and yet Perry seems to be sliding in the polls -- you still think that He could be lug it around and Christiane I've been around this business a long time and I know that you know it's a very dynamic process. So. The candidates haven't fully engaged yet I mean governor Perry's -- less than impressive in these debates and I think there's a general consensus. About that He just introduced a aimed at what He called a jobs plan it was it was an energy plan that was basically a Xerox copy of via. Oil lobbies wish list for America. But. But nonetheless He has a lot of resources and He and his -- in his in his career is shown a penchant for going hard after. His opponents and and you know I think if -- -- governor around there are you worried about all of these changes in position and how that. How that what kind of message that sends to voters not just on the Republican side but on. Throughout the electorate.

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{"id":14747290,"title":"Axelrod Slams Romney","duration":"5:48","description":"Obama campaign adviser hits Mitt Romney on changing positions.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/interview-david-axelrod-14747290","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}