Interview with John Boehner

Despite gridlock, Speaker Boehner says House 'has done its job.'
1:17 | 01/29/12

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Transcript for Interview with John Boehner
Join now. My house speaker John Boehner thanks so much for joining us good to be here so I -- to get to presidential politics and a second but let's start with the State of the Union Address President Obama spoke this week. And you said that his message is quote running on the politics of division inconvenient to you. It's almost un American -- -- The president double down on the same failed policies that have not worked -- effective -- the economy worse. Higher taxes more spending more regulation. -- what I'm talking about here is that the politics of divide in America the politics of -- this is not the American way. In the president won't work with -- to help create jobs I'm sure the American people will elect someone. -- -- let's talk about what can possibly be achieved in this very bitterly divided. Environment here's Vice President Biden talking to George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America just a few days. What's the one -- present Obama must have -- desk must sign into law this year and how holy war with congress to get it done. Extension middle class tax cut. Single most urgent thing to do. No excuse should be done now should be done immediately. You could meant to that legislation and will be a clean bill. Why don't know exactly what he's referring to but extending. The payroll tax credit the -- -- called for the house has already passed the year long extension. We -- a formal conference with the senate. And I'm confident will be able to resolve this. Fairly quickly in any of the president's proposals tax proposals that he introduced at the state of the union including. The one that would discourage manufacturers from moving overseas to take advantage of lower taxes abroad. What did you hear anything that you could support and house Republicans would vote for the president's got an awful lot of good ideas. But you know the president's own jobs council has endorsed many of the Republican ideas over the past thirty bills in the house that would help get our economy moving again. 27 a number sitting over the United States and. One of your own members Republican congressman Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia said this about. The remark dismayed about thirty jobs -- already having passed the house and and not having passed the senate he said quote. We need to quit passing bills over here and cheering for ourselves when we know they're dead on arrival over there. In the senate his point is that without coordinating. With the senate to make sure that there is momentum for these bills and that these -- Cannot only just get through the house but can also get through the senate it's meaningless doesn't he have a point. Only have a bicameral system. You know the house -- -- -- four -- 35 members -- -- from all fifty states you've -- United States senate. We can't control what the senate does or doesn't do you Begin talked about -- talked about -- I -- that are read about moving these bills about the house has to do its job. And the house has done that -- we've moved these bills which sent over the senate. -- the senate to do their -- but isn't the point that without coordinating with the senate before they pass the house. Knowing that there's a chance that they will get a majority vote can can get the sixty votes needed to come to the floor. I doubt it how do you know you're gonna you have sixty votes you don't have sixty votes in the senate. Unless the house does its job and -- this bill over on next week here introducing the American energy and infrastructure jobs act. Will you attach the keystone built to that it's not an active before. But we take up the American energy and infrastructure jobs act it'll be part of it. Let's turn to presidential politics and it was a very eager to plunge into the waters -- I can't wait a former senate majority leader Bob Dole warns that nominating your predecessor. House speaker Newt Gingrich could drag down the whole party in November he writes the when he ran for president in 1996 quote. The Democrats greeted me with a number of negative TV ads and every one of them knew it was and -- he was very unpopular and I am not. Only certain that this did not help me but that it cost house seats that -- -- that you know that ended -- been friends will be worked together closely. During the the mid ninety's and but we've got four great candidates. And I just think that the process -- have to play out of process we have a candidate. And I'm confident that whoever. That candidate has will be someone I can support and that our team can support you were in the house leadership when Gingrich was speaker you. Had some well documented clashes with them -- understand that you guys have buried the -- since then but you have some questions with them. Do you think he has the managerial skills and the temperament. To be presidency. And he would -- a lot of talk about -- president -- primary race because I've made it clear to everyone that is just not. -- the speaker of house I've got a big job to do up on the hill. That's where my focuses -- in this primary process we'll -- of -- A last question for you speaker Boehner you got pretty emotional this week during the farewell to congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Tell us what it was like to accept her resignation. Well she's been through an awful lot and her constituents. Those who lost their lives. About a year ago and it was was that was fourteen farewell in the house like this. A bipartisan. Effort. All the members -- were there. That day for the us senate your personal. But. A very. Bravely. -- -- thanks so much for stated.

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{"id":15466737,"title":"Interview with John Boehner","duration":"1:17","description":"Despite gridlock, Speaker Boehner says House 'has done its job.'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/interview-john-boehner-15466737","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}