Bachmann Counting on 'Miracle' In Iowa

Michele Bachmann says campaign will continue after Iowa caucuses.
3:00 | 01/01/12

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Transcript for Bachmann Counting on 'Miracle' In Iowa
Congressman Ron Paul confident heading into Tuesday's caucus my next guest sounds just as confident that her path forward. Is a lot more murky congresswoman Michelle Bachmann joins me from -- one congresswoman thanks for joining us and happy new year. Happy new year to you agreed to -- -- is warranted so the last time you and I spoke you adjust on the Iowa straw poll. The Des Moines Register poll but he tied for first place with Mitt Romney with 20% of the vote. Now that same poll has -- with 7% of the vote what happened to your campaign. Well we've got a very -- campaign and I think what's happened is a lot of candidates of -- man and Iowa voters and national voters have taken a lot. At all of the other candidates but. We have done I think what no other candidate has done. And that is after the last debate we've got across all of Iowa all 99 counties. And we've actually -- a heavy heavy retail politics where -- got into cafes. And into a living rooms of Iowans and we've. Made a very strong connection with a lot of people. And if you look at the polls it's upwards of forty to 50% of violence haven't made their decision yet and I think. The polls what their reflected will be theory different from what we're seeing on Tuesday night because people make their decision quite honestly. In the caucus room. I was very different people gather living rooms they gather in elementary schools and churches and they make their decision on the spot with their neighbors. And we -- Down like I said what all the other candidate is down the last two weeks. We've put over almost 7000 miles on our bus and we've literally gone from town to town to town. Meeting with people directly and we -- thousands of people switch their votes just in the last couple of weeks so we think there's going to be a very profound shift. The people -- Tuesday night. What one of the one of the dilemmas that you've had is a lot of the voters -- that you are competing for. Conservative. Voters Christian evangelicals in some cases. Are also being wounded by Rick Santorum. And Rick Perry in Santorum has momentum right now. He is at third. Place in the the more register Paul and if you look at the last two days he's in second place he has strong social conservative credentials he's fluent in foreign affairs. He won statewide twice and -- key swing state Pennsylvania so why should voters go for you. And -- hip. Well because I'm the strongest core conservative in this race there is no comparison with all of the other candidates. And my credentials no other candidate has current national security experience in the race I sit on the House Intelligence Committee. I immediately involved with the issue of national security. No other candidate is as what we what we -- seeing happening with. Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon that will be a formidable issued immediately with the next commander in chief I'm ready. No other candidate is currently ready -- that issue also I'm the only federal tax litigation attorney in this race when it comes to dealing. With the number one issue that's on voters' minds which is out of control spending. I have that credential in spades over any other candidate. Because no other candidate was leading on this issue in the in the halls of congress -- in Washington -- nationally. I'm the one that called efforts saying no to letting Barack Obama increase the national credit card limit. And when it comes to social issues. There's no one who couldn't -- -- -- -- record. I don't mother of five a Foster mother to 23 children that we raise and also -- unassailable record on life. -- marriage and religious liberty so it comes to values and issues. There is no one -- comes close to where I am on those issues but I think even more so. I'm the one that's been proven and tested in the fires of Washington. And that's -- I think you -- people vote for me in Iowa straw poll but also it's what we get down on the ground. No other candidate has -- more retail campaigning on the ground but and I think -- bear the fruit of that on Tuesday night. But with all due respect congresswoman this is the same pitch you've been making. All summer and off all and end up until today. And you're in last place. According to the polls and and somebody that has similar credentials to you -- a similar guilty Rick Santorum. Is. Showing huge momentum why you over him. Well again I think the polls take a few days to catch up and and we have made that incredible deposit. -- going in every single county. We've drop. 300 people at a stop 250 people -- -- stop and I think a lot of that isn't yet reflected in the polls the main thing will be on Tuesday night. We're looking forward we're not looking at the rear view mirror and what we're seeing going forward but especially with the tremendous outpouring of young people that are coming out did work out our phone banks said they go -- dropping and door to door. Is nothing short of amazing we're we're number one in the category of enthusiasm. If you look at all of the candidates. Which candidate has the most enthusiasm among their supporters. Our next candidate I'm number one with the eighteen to twine and -- voters which are highly motivated. And they're doing all of the work so I think that if they if you look at my past races. In polling data showed me. Actually losing an eight points behind in previous races that it had what -- run for congress. And yet I can I win by eight and thirteen points so polls don't are sometimes a live pictures on the ground. And that's what we see this isn't just about -- this is about what we're seeing in reality I think Tuesday night. People are going to see America -- Congresswoman that we only have a little bit of time -- that last question in the in the interest of candor and and being based in reality. Depositing that you feel that you're gonna have a very good night on Tuesday and that all the polls are wrong in the you're -- you're gonna do well but assuming that the polls are right. Isn't that practically speaking the end of your campaign if you come in last on Tuesday. What we bought tickets to hat off to South Carolina and we're looking forward to the debate January is a very Almonte. We're -- but we're here for the for the long. For the long race this is a fifty state race and we intend to participate not only in New Hampshire South Carolina Florida. But to go all the way because I intend to be the Republican nominee and defeat Barack Obama in 2012. Because America needs a candidate. There will be at legacy -- Ronald Reagan and -- -- Margaret Thatcher that's what I intend to do is to be America's iron lady. All right congresswoman Michelle Bachmann good luck on Tuesday and hope you have a wonderful 2012. Thank you same to you in your listeners.

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{"id":15268851,"title":"Bachmann Counting on 'Miracle' In Iowa","duration":"3:00","description":"Michele Bachmann says campaign will continue after Iowa caucuses.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/michelle-bachmann-forward-15268851","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}