Miracle in the Desert

ABC News' Lama Hasan on one Somali boy's amazing recovery.
2:38 | 11/13/11

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Transcript for Miracle in the Desert
And now for the miraculous story of one little boy -- beaten the odds it comes from the heart of Africa. Somalia -- nation plagued by drought and driven into -- For many relief comes in a refugee camp in -- -- Kenya. For months tens of thousands of desperate -- walked hundreds of miles to reach that town across the border and an escaped certain death. And that's -- ABC's -- Hassan found this incredible story of survival and we caution you though it is a story of hope but some of these images a difficult to watch. His name is -- hands and this is what he looked like in mid July. Five months old weighing seven pounds a tiny child in May -- ate -- starving and close to death. -- -- -- taking -- at the International Rescue Committee hospital and did. What we saw at the camp and that hospital with heart -- impossible to forget. The -- half the children suffering acute malnutrition and mothers looking shell -- bring their kids would admit to see another today. We met two year old thought how on eyes glazed over bones clothing and skin -- he says. There. New board -- -- so hungry he was shooting his -- half. -- and another child barely alive we were there when he was rushed to the hospital. And mirrors life and it's really hard to -- his like. What this kid is it's nice to come -- parents and kids in an event earlier in the week and season and came while. And doing better anything by themselves I think. That's one good thing about coming back. But we never -- a miracle quite like this one member -- house again here he wants in July. Now look at him today just four months laser healthy happy with hopes for a bright future. You can see -- -- Then he's and it is attending his mom elevating itself and more. With refugees still spinning into the world's largest camp. For health is still -- still -- -- -- houses and Athens road to recovery are glimmers of hope it is otherwise desperate humanitarian disaster. For this week on a house that ABC news to to have refugee camp Kenya. Hope and recovery thanks to aid organizations. And of the people who keep them going -- donations people like you who responded so generously. To our appeal over the last months and even -- -- web site. And abcnews.com. Slash this week for more information on how you can continue to help.

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{"id":14943000,"title":"Miracle in the Desert ","duration":"2:38","description":"ABC News' Lama Hasan on one Somali boy's amazing recovery. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/miracle-desert-somali-boys-amazing-recovery-lama-hasan-health-this-week-politics-14943000","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}