Remembering the Dream

Rep. John Lewis tours the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.
4:27 | 10/16/11

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Transcript for Remembering the Dream
This morning thousands are gathering in Washington for the dedication of the new memorial honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil rights icon and congressman John Lewis is the last living speaker from the 1963. March on Washington and He spoke with ABC's senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper. About a monument to a man and his magnificent dream. Visiting the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial with congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis. Must be what it would be like to walk through the World War II memorial with. -- -- -- The crowds keep embracing him touching him -- are drawn to the man who was a friend and colleague of -- The look like -- William -- as one of the best like you open. -- The first time I came out here is here at this campus an indictment -- and I'm enough time. Churches here the -- -- -- workers face. Matt Bryant is. This powerful. Lewis his journey to this site began more than 56 years ago. It was early 1955. When Lewis then fifteen. -- young minister on the radio for the first time. That we will not -- in the long. His name was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And his message captivated -- -- He was not just concern about the pearly gates. And the streets paved -- goal in milk and honey but -- concerned about the streets and Montgomery Alabama social gospel of the social -- And He was talking -- -- people can do together. And seem Equus beacons directly to -- -- John Lewis who took him do something and I was deeply moved in this -- businessman. The son of sharecroppers Lewis attended segregated public schools in -- -- Alabama. He did not understand why signs kept whites and coloreds separate. And I rest my mother and my father my grandparents my Great Britain France why segregation -- discrimination. And it was the best way it is. Don't you get in a way to get in trouble they were worried about it occurred. Have a very troubled about what's gonna happen. And what Doctor King inspired. Lewis first met king when He was thinking about trying to integrate Troy state college. I just wrote -- doctor king and -- And then wrote him back. Some around program bus ticket and invited me -- -- -- Montgomery and it was again in relationship. Lewis became one of the key student leaders in the early days of the civil rights movement. One of the original freedom riders the movement nearly cost Lewis his life. March 7 1965. On Bloody Sunday as it came to him. Lewis was badly beaten by Alabama State troopers. As He crossed the Edmund pettis bridge. But king's teachings bits of which are now etched in these stones. Gave him strength. We shall overcome the cost him off. Of the moral universe is wrong. Margaret -- corporate. What are you going to be thinking about on Sunday when. When the dedication they played well -- on Sunday when we dedicate this monument this memorial. -- will reflect. Forty years ago. -- -- -- -- When -- -- -- we cannot stop everywhere not. I would think about. When a -- all over president Kennedy invited us down to the White House. He stood adorable little Oval Office and greeted each one of us He was -- for she was like a beam and father that things are going so well. And is said He did a good job you did a good job and when He got to Doctor King his and you -- a dream. And -- -- -- best not to lose it. And of them do everything possible to keep -- -- but -- perhaps He has learned from them. ABC's Jake -- with John Lewis of what a great thing that He threw his parents -- -- the wind. And join the fight.

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{"id":14747755,"title":"Remembering the Dream ","duration":"4:27","description":"Rep. John Lewis tours the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/remembering-dream-14747755","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}