'This Week' Web Extra: David Plouffe

The president's 2008 campaign manager answers viewer questions.
8:23 | 06/02/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Web Extra: David Plouffe
Hi I'm Benjamin -- this week for George Stephanopoulos I'm joined today by Bloomberg TV contributor David Clough who also ran president Obama's 2008. Presidential campaign welcome thank you for joining us and they wouldn't thanks. And because we lose all politics is social here this week we're gonna put some of the questions that you -- on FaceBook to David. So the first question comes from joined -- and she says I would like to know what one accomplishment beside the Affordable Care Act as President Obama want to be remembered for. Well I think it's. Gotta start -- with the economy which is you know under his leadership for the great work of our businesses and workers we dug. Back from the Great Recession. Our economy started to grow again and more important -- the statistics is can we begin to strengthen the middle class so I think you wanna look back on we recover from the recession. We began to grow and begin to do some Smart things run manufacturing education. And exports really help the middle class. -- -- -- second which is you know after more than a decade of war ending wars America's been involved with Iraq was already ended. Afghanistan will be over next year that's going to be important. For our economy too because there's no question that. You know we focus so much on those two wars. That the homeland here -- -- The next question comes from John soft coat and this is -- always one of our favorites will Hillary Clinton run for president. Of the United States in. 2060. When I have no idea. You know I think that -- in any predictions about who's gonna run gonna win. -- many lifetimes away from that she'd obviously been enormously strong candidate if she if she did run I think in both primary general but you know we have other people on our party. Who would be very strong candidates Republicans can have a big field trying to be fascinating race and it's an open seat presidential race. In -- -- but changing technology super pacs blossoming all across the country unfortunately so I think it's going to be you know really really. A fascinating race. We've you know strong contenders on both sides. But there's no doubt that you know she has unique appeal I think across the electorate. And would be super strong candidate but no she's obviously taking some well deserved time to -- to you know -- with her family and and after four really grueling years -- secretary of state where the gripping us Secretary Clinton -- she. Let's such a footprint around the world whenever she traveled and that was a great asset for the country. She's going to be the front runner right at this point well listen I think if she runs in the -- -- the front runner obviously the vice president someone who'll take a look at this we have other governors and senators shall take a look at it. But I think you know if she were to run she would be an enormously strong -- in the primary but you know politics is a strange thing this time. You know in 2005. But what anybody including me who -- Barack Obama would run much less become president. So you know that's my point there's a lot of lifetimes and they'll be new candidates -- that we're not really talking about a both parties but she starts I think we've just enormous strength. When the electorate. Com. And actually the next question is also about who Hillary Clinton and it comes from Lisa Davis and she says it is he going to be Hillary Clinton's campaign manager so slightly different question Hillary Clinton calls you up. That says will you run my campaign what I can say. How do you respond I have done running presidential campaigns so but I'll give her. -- whatever advice she would seek some of them I think it's -- enough to get shall ever -- campaign to. But I think I'm done running presidential -- you have to know -- hanging out and after 20082012. You know I think you know I did my best in those two elections joined by millions of Americans so I'm not gonna go out there and running a campaign -- those days are over. But I'll be helping as much as I can from the sidelines OK fair enough. And just lastly and Romney said this week that no she ignored regrets about the 2012 presidential campaign. But you know someone who ran it you know campaign successfully. What do you think -- Mitt Romney's biggest single mistake was during that last campaign. How much time do we have it. Well I would say at a macro level actually it's that he didn't offer a compelling economical alternative. You know we are always waiting for him -- Saying you know I think the Republican. Efforts on the economy not in great obviously disagree lot of president has -- here's kind of my answer. He never did -- was just the same old orthodoxy -- cutting taxes for the wealthy and slashing investments in things like education research and development. So he never offered people -- I think that was the original -- -- obviously throughout the campaign -- tactical missteps obviously the 47% comment. Mattered to people because -- was revealing moment wasn't just a -- people found in that. I think -- window and who he was but you don't. -- presidential campaigns are tough. So you know we appreciate how hard they worked from Mitt Romney on down you pour your heart and souls in this thing. And and you work too hard and you know they thought they were gonna win so it's gotta be doubly hard. Because they really thought -- -- win. But that you know when you're in the arena with people. You even though you disagree heartily on policy in the direction the country you have respect for what they're going through. And so you look at the other side and then you have to tip your hat to them because they worked hard they believe in their candidate they gave everything they could -- and you came up short. And you know there's nothing better in my line of work than winning -- presidential election. So I think fortunately -- I've had that experience twice it's a very special experience but you know some of those people worked in the Romney -- and I'm -- down one they mania. They may be able to to experience that OK so now onto our lightening round out. You're one piece of advice for Anthony Weiner is running for New York City -- Well I am not involved in New York mayor's race I think all the candidates it's in the past came from -- obviously. So this is not about -- specifically you just gotta make sure people understand where you want to take the city how does that differentiate yourself and your opponent. And trying to inspire people to get involved in your campaign. I -- just -- LA mayor's -- I was really happy with the outcome here of course they want I think will be terrific -- very low turnout so you wanna be able to also keep make people think the election matters. So but it's going to be I'm gonna really enjoy watching that that's going to be a fascinating fascinating race -- More predictions here Republican most likely to run for president -- -- Well I think you've got. You know Rand Paul certainly looks like he's gonna run you've got rubio. -- Paul Ryan they're gonna have a big big field and you know the question is. Can someone like Chris Christie. -- maybe others who are less to the right and do they have any chance of winning the nomination. Those happen to be the people that would probably be the strongest general election candidates so that's what I think it's going to be d'estaing. Which is are the Republican parties are they gonna continue to nominate an even Mitt Romney listen. He was hard right on all the social issues all the economic issues and that's one of the reasons he's lost and -- in -- nominate someone who's gotta be down the line just a 100%. On that real conservative orthodoxy or they gonna let someone who breaks from -- from time to time but I you know I imagine they're gonna have a big field. You know 67 a credible candidates. And it's going to be -- and watch -- and your favorite movie about politics. While. -- did -- say to All the President's Men you know great movie great book about an important period on American history. Maybe more frivolously Bob Roberts the movie with Tim Robbins just a great fun movie about the politics and kind of a satire okay. And lastly he must follow Twitter account here on Twitter. Well it's interesting. You gotta follow your local weather right -- is washed its capital weather gang unit that's great because you know minute -- -- almost what's happening with the weather. And sports center of course let's see if the -- and there's too many and -- in politics and I think that what's interesting about Twitter -- it's very useful for you know up to date. You know but you know most of the country unlike FaceBook -- the country on FaceBook and not on Twitter as -- in Washington sometimes there's kind of an artificial environment. Where everybody thinks everybody's on Twitter and there's the conversations a matter when in fact most of the countries not engaged in. -- well thank you David so much for your time and thank you to everyone who submitted their questions you can follow a show on Twitter at this week ABC. And on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash this week ABC.

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