'This Week' Web Extra: Karl Rove

The former Bush senior adviser and Fox News contributor answers viewer questions.
5:36 | 03/24/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Web Extra: Karl Rove
Hi I'm Benjamin -- this week when George Stephanopoulos and hear -- Fox News contributor Karl Rove. Welcome thanks for every course. And -- -- believe all politics is social here at this week we're gonna put your questions from FaceBook. To Carl who was also the deputy chief of staff to President Bush. George W. Bush exactly 43 as opposed to -- So the first question comes from Rick Gibbs who says Carl what in your opinion it was the greatest accomplishment of the Bush Administration. Well if you had to pick one it would obviously be in the aftermath of 9/11 keeping America safe and foiling efforts to follow on the attack and I'll live with others -- And you know we actually had a lot of questions about the Iraq -- obviously. You know when you think about it ten years after the invasion we just passed that anniversary do you have any regrets errors or anything look back on and think to yourself I would've done that differently sure of. Course I -- look at the end of any conflict have met people that can. Which we clearly have regret about the loss of life and clearly -- -- everything. In hindsight. -- becomes clear as to what you should have done -- shouldn't have done every conflict dislike. But. The world is a safer place with -- Hussein gone. If he were not removed from power can you imagine what the Middle East would look like today with Sodom Hussein who was. You -- successfully undermining the United Nations by ignoring. The agreements he made in the aftermath of of the first gulf war undermining are active oil for sanctions regime. -- for every confidence that he could ultimately be free of them. And he would be emboldened with you know a fifth of the world's oil supplies. And that capacity to re institute is. Dangerous weapons programs and if -- were not alive the country would be one run by one of his. Sadistic son who dare to say and can you imagine how -- of -- difficult that would make that part of the world so. In in in retrospect sure. Lots of regrets slots things you don't like to have done differently but the world's a better place with settlements ago. The next question comes from Kenneth that your L and he says is chief Justice Roberts a disappointment obviously -- that -- call. Ruling over the Obama health care -- right. Well and one -- -- you wish you'd you'd gone on the other side him at five to four declaring it unconstitutional on the other hand. When you appoint somebody you appoint somebody because of their character their convictions their abilities and not because you have a belief a confidence and -- -- ordained outcome in any given decision. You point them for their leadership and for their legal acumen and you know you have to look at the -- that long -- Narrative of his record on the court which is only now beginning but I. At -- -- -- acted differently and yes but he on the other hand he's that strong leaders -- public confidence in the court and has led to court to make some important decisions. I -- two more -- questions here. How do you feel about Stephen -- is big can hammer in addition. Of your head -- from Gary Steele yeah and it well -- it like he's an entertainer so he gets did he gets to be funny and exaggerate things and so forth. They'll have to immediately took out a knife and started stabbing at I think he might need a little bit of professional counselors -- anger management issues that was a I don't know whether that was -- -- -- his bitter feelings or encouraging maybe somebody to maybe mimic him or just sort of being funny but does that there was a little bit of you know anxiety and -- -- it is -- -- stabs -- And what you think of President Bush's. Paintings you've seen them I have what I have one of the original first 43 educated and he painted and my wife and -- are dogs. And it's he's she's pretty good particularly -- -- -- and when. Marty died and -- painted a picture of party which -- -- was really you know clearly from heart that. -- once told no thank god you took only one of Winston Churchill's -- leadership. Activities oil painting as opposed to -- -- so. OK and now it's time for our lightning -- IPhone -- Blackberry. IPhone of course back favorite movie of the year. Will the last twelve months -- -- it's -- -- sky -- -- Lincoln enjoyable moments with -- bond movie ever and it really fun you know -- -- Great movies and finally comfort. Fried chicken fried chicken. Well thank you for taking the time to join us and take oral history questions were really critical and we had a chance to explore -- -- -- -- very very now what -- what your iPhone or Blackberry iPhone. Favorite -- last twelve -- -- -- interesting choice comfort food. Can't butter and -- there -- Elvis peanut butter and bananas and I think it's with -- But thank you may have adult donated yeah -- give up that avenue early bid. I'd have -- IE. I promise well thank you so much for taking time to join us this morning Carl. I think you've ever -- their questions can follow us on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash this week ABC and on Twitter. -- at this -- 86.

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{"id":18801628,"title":"'This Week' Web Extra: Karl Rove","duration":"5:36","description":"The former Bush senior adviser and Fox News contributor answers viewer questions.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-web-extra-karl-rove-18801628","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}