'This Week' Transcript: 2013 Game Changers

MAYOR TOM MENINO (D), BOSTON: This marathon bombing, in fact, I feel like I've never, ever seen before, the violation of their privacy, of their enjoyment.

DONVAN: Did you take it as a personal wound?

MENINO: I didn't take it personally but I was hurt by it.

DONVAN (voice-over): But what Mayor Tom Menino did notice that week as he ran a city under lockdown and in the midst of a manhunt was how sports became a vocabulary used to address the hurt, how the Chicago press used the simplest of headlines to say, we're with you, Boston.

How the New York Yankees did the same with their rendition of "Sweet Caroline," the song that belongs to the Boston Red Sort of. And speaking of those Red Sox, well, in two great acts, they gave something back to their battered city.

Act one started with their first home stand at the end of that terrible week, a pregame tribute to Boston itself, its people, its heroes, a celebration some other towns might have held in a church or a cathedral or on the town square.

DONVAN: In Boston, everybody else also looked at Fenway Park and turned to Fenway Park in this terrible moment that had become a triumphant moment and to find hope. Why in this city do people go to a baseball stadium --


MENINO: We love our Red Sox.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voice-over): It's true, look at the crowd that day. It's always true. For a lot of people from Boston, being a Red Sox fan is their main way of saying that they're from Boston.

MENINO: It was very moving. Yes, it was very moving, the first responders there.

DAVID ORTIZ, RED SOX: We want to thank you, Mayor Menino.

DONVAN (voice-over): And then they gave the mike to David Ortiz and what he said was a little moving and a little shocking.

ORTIZ: This is our (INAUDIBLE) city and nobody can going to take it away, stay strong. Thank you.

DONVAN (voice-over): Act one also saw the Red Sox throughout their season making hospital visits and bringing survivors to games to throw out the first pitch. And most of all, acknowledging from that ceremony on, that this 2013 season was going to mean something different.

WILL MIDDLEBROOKS, BOSTON RED SOX: It'll take a lot of responsibility. We know how big of a deal baseball is here. We know how passionate everyone is about it. And we're just happy to get back out there and help the city heal.

JARROD SALTALAMACCHIA, BOSTON RED SOX: I think that's what we're here for, you know, there's a duty just like everyone else to come together. And that's what we're going to do.

JONNY GOMES, BOSTON RED SOX: You do want to be saddened for a second and celebrate their lives, but at the same time, I guess the American way, we got to continue to keep, you know, keep chugging and not let that act slow us down, but at the same time, we do have to take a deep breath and acknowledge what did happen.

DONVAN (voice-over): Act two, of course, was how they played this 2013 season. They had been awful in 2012 and not much better in the early days of 2013.

DONVAN: The early part of the season, you were at those games and they weren't playing very well. What were you thinking?

MENINO: I was agonizing a little bit about it. But I always said, they would get back.

DONVAN (voice-over): Well, yes, they did, all of the way to the playoffs. Then the division title. Then the pennant and then they won the World Series.

ORTIZ: First of all, I want to say, this is for you, Boston!


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