'This Week' Transcript: Adm. Mike Mullen


And the critical thing for Haiti is, can they build a public health infrastructure that works? In the meantime, it's going down to the basics. It's providing water storage containers and home chlorination, with tablets or dilute bleach. That can provide safe drinking water, but it takes a lot to sustain that effort.

AMANPOUR: Dr. Besser, thanks, indeed, for joining us this morning, and we'll keep watching it. Thank you.

And next week, we have a special program for you. They are economic titans, innovators, and risk-takers, now giving their billions back. Next Sunday, my exclusive interviews with Bill and Melinda Gates, Ted Turner, and Warren Buffett in a rare Sunday morning appearance.


BUFFETT: I just think the idea of dynastic wealth is kind of crazy.

AMANPOUR (voice-over): What motivates them to give up so much?

TURNER: It is scary, because everybody is always afraid that they're going to go broke.

AMANPOUR: What they predict for the future of the United States.

B. GATES: The question for us is, are we educating people well?

AMANPOUR: And their solutions to the current economic challenges.

(on-screen): Does there need to be a sense of sacrifice in the United States?

(voice-over): Buffett, Gates and Turner, their giving pledge, a special "This Week" next Sunday.


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