'This Week' Transcript: Allen, Kerry and Cornyn

But on the issue of the president's emotion, if the president were projecting cool, calm, collected competence, I think people would say that's great. The problem is this notion, this sort of sense that he's detached while he's not able to produce, while he's not able to response effectively on the ground.

You know, you had the people of Louisiana ask for these berms, and for three weeks there were meetings and seminars and discussions -- and yes, I'm going to use the word dithering here -- in Washington while the people of Louisiana waited and the oil got closer to the shore.

WILL: This is what the president has said, "The American people should know that from the moment this disaster began the federal government has been in charge of the response effort. Make no mistake, BP is operating at our direction."

Now, with regard to whether we should regulate, this is a regulated industry. The Minerals Management Service evidently didn't do a very good job. Now sooner or later we'll blame this on George W. Bush, but right now, it is a regulatory agency of the Obama Administration that seems to have failed.

WILL: At a moment when the federal government has taken over 1/6th of the economy in health care, it is saying we have a 1,000-page bill because we just know how to turn down the thermostat on the planet.

Lord knows what else they're doing to rationalize American society at a moment when the country is saying maybe the regulatory state isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

HUFFINGTON: George, the truth is that right now we have precisely the regulatory system that the Bush-Cheney Administration wanted -- full of loopholes, full of cronies and lobbysists filling the very agencies they're supposed to be overseeing --

WILL: So it's Bush's fault.

HUFFINGTON: -- the industry.

WILL: Just clear this up.

HUFFINGTON: It is absolutely 1000 percent Bush-Cheney's fault, plus the fact that the Obama Administration has not really done enough fast enough to change what's happening at the MMS agency, at all sorts of other agencies. Not just when it comes to the energy problems, when it comes to Wall Street, all over, we are seeing the complete success of the kind of regulatory system that Bush-Cheney wanted. And we're seeing this is the inevitable result of what they wanted.

CHENEY: You know, it's truly amazing. I mean I actually heard George Bush was responsible for the breakup of Tipper and Al Gore's marriage too. I mean it's incredible the extent to which people are now trying to shift blame. And frankly --

MOULITSAS: Did you fact check that?

TAPPER: We'll get that fact.

CHENEY: I heard it. I don't know. I think it was on "The Daily Kos." But at any rate, I think that, you know we got to look at what's happening going forward, and you've got to look at the facts. I mean, the left is going to try -- you guys --

HUFFINGTON: This has nothing to do with the left.

CHENEY: -- have for years been demonizing Bush and Cheney, and I'm sure you will continue to demonize them for years going forward, but we have got now a catastrophe on the Gulf Coast, a catastrophe that happened on this administration's watch which this administration is failing to clean up and be responsive and lead, frankly.

And it is a problem we're seeing with this president across the board. A president with no leadership experience.

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