'This Week' Transcript: Allen, Kerry and Cornyn

They want to destroy the state of Israel and they are supported in that by the countries Iran, Syria, and now it looks like Turkey as well. This flotilla, had it really been committed to providing humanitarian relief to Gaza could have taken the Israeli government up on the offer to dock and take that relief in. They didn't do that.

It was clearly a propaganda ploy. Clearly you had members of Muslim Brotherhood on board. You had people who were armed, ready for the Israeli commandos to arrive. The United States has to stand with Israel. If the United States, in a choice between Israel and Hamas tries to stand above it -- which is what this president likes to do on every issue, sort of be detached and say on the one hand, you know as he said in his Cairo speech a year ago.

On the one hand you have the Holocaust. On the other hand, you've got Palestinians living under occupation. That kind of moral equivalence is very -- not only is it wrong, not only is it shameful, but it is dangerous for the United States of America not to be standing with Israel.

And when we don't stand with Israel in the face of this kind of an attack, by Iran, by Syria, by Turkey, we send a very clear message that those nations can in fact attack Israel with impunity, that they can in fact threaten to destroy Israel with impunity, and that the United States won't stand by its more important ally in the Middle East.

TAPPER: Markos, whether or not this was a propaganda push by the people on the flotilla, it worked.

MOULITSAS: Well, you know, first of all, the with us or against us approach which is what got us in a lot of the trouble that we are in today. I mean the fact is whether Israel had the right to do what it did or not, they handled it so poorly that they basically alienated much of the world. They alienated an important Arab ally in Turkey, and they put the United States in a really difficult position.

And if the goal was to enforce the embargo, the blockade, they failed because now each has to open up the border. So they handled it so clumsily and so incompetently, that they actually worked against their own interests. CHENEY: Markos, what you just said demonstrates exactly the problem that Israel faces. The government of Turkey supported the launching of this flotilla. The government --

MOULITSAS: The government of Turkey had military --

CHENEY: The government of Turkey has stood up and said Hamas is not Hamas is not a terrorist organization. The Turks themselves have aligned themselves with Iran and with Syria.

MOULITSAS: Turkey is a NATO ally.


CHENEY: And for you to be blaming -- that's right, and for you to be blaming Israel for that alienation tells you what Israel faces --

TAPPER: Arianna?


HUFFINGTON: The truth is that the long-term security interests of Israel, in the same way the long-term security interests of the United States depend on marginalizing more of the extremists and bringing more of the moderates on our side.

HUFFINGTON: And what Israel is doing now is completely counterproductive in terms of this very simply goal, because if we fail to bring more moderates in the Middle East to see the world the way we're seeing the world, and we push them more and more into the arms of extremists, we are never going to have peace or security

TAPPER: George?

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