'This Week' Transcript: Allen, Kerry and Cornyn

WILL: To the extent that that fiction we call the international community makes it impossible for Israel to conduct this kind of boycott, to prevent Hamas from being rearmed, two things happen. You hasten the coming of the next Middle Eastern war, because SCUDS are coming to Hezbollah from Syria in the north. Weapons will pour in to Gaza from which 6,000 rockets have been fired at Israel.

So Israel will have to take active defense and go in again to Gaze and into southern Lebanon. Furthermore, no Israeli Prime Minister is going to allow a two-state solution. If a Palestinian state based on the West Bank can not allow some kind of armed presence on its eastern border to prevent the influx of arms into the new Palestinian state.

Therefore, a two-state solution becomes impossible, and the next war becomes likely all because people are trying to undermine the legitimacy of Israel's self-defense.

HUFFINGTON: But what is happening in Gaza right now, Senator Kerry said earlier, when you asked him about. It's a real humanitarian disaster in violation of the Geneva Convention that forbids collective punishment. What is happening in Gaze is collective punishment.

And if you look at the list of things that are not allowed to go into Gaza, you understand why there is such a there.

TAPPER: But Senator Kerry did point out that it was -- some of the --

HUFFINGTON: That they had --

TAPPER: No, no, but that the Hamas government was responsible as well for the humanitarian crisis.

HUFFINGTON: Absolutely. The Hamas government is a terrorist organization. Nobody's saying anything contrary to that. The Hamas government is an organization that won an election, an election the Bush-Cheney and Condy Rice encouraged to happen.

TAPPER: That is what -- let me ask you about -- You were at the State Department in 2005-2006 when these elections were pushed forward and some were saying don't do it, they're not ready for it. Do you think that was a mistake in retrospect?

CHENEY: I do. I don't think they were ready for it. I don't think we should have pushed it. And I think that Senator Cornyn's point earlier though was a very important point, which is no matter how they came into power, they're a terrorist organization.

And if you look at the difference between life on the West Bank and life in Gaza, I think it puts the lie to this notion that somehow the Israelis are responsible for the conditions inside Gaza. Hamas is running Gaza, and essentially the position that you guys are taking says that Israel does not have the right --

MOULITSAS: Who said that?

CHENEY: -- to stop a flotilla.

MOULITSAS: Nobody said that.

CHENEY: To stop a flotilla from --

MOULITSAS: Nobody said that.

CHENEY: -- from -- well, but your criticism -- no, no --

MOULITSAS: I said they handled it in such a way that was so incompetently that it backfired on Israel.

CHENEY: Okay, did you --

MOULITSAS: Not that they didn't have a right to do so.

CHENEY: So you agree that they had a right to stop that flotilla?

MOULITSAS: There's ways to do it that weren't as aggressive and counterproductive. If they did it in the middle of the night, over the air. I mean there's ways to handle blockades in international settings.

CHENEY: Yes, but Markos --

MOULITSAS: You can -- boats can be stopped; to redirect --

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