'This Week' Transcript: Biden

MYERS: And I think that's -- I mean, look, that's, on its face, not true. There are elements -- and they're not the core elements, and I don't think the movement is -- is prime facie racist, but there are racist elements, and they should be repudiated. So where are the leaders? It seems like a no-brainer.

PAGE: And what's important here politically is that the Tea Party, like any other political movement, wants to win over those moderates, those swing voters out there, if you will.

MYERS: They should.

PAGE: And if they are an embarrassment to their fellow conservatives, they break their own coalition up, and so this -- this becomes a very relevant thing here. This is not just political correctness as some people want to dismiss it.

MYERS: But I think it's interesting -- and, Clarence, you might want to comment -- we thought that -- or a lot of people -- I don't know if we thought -- but there seem to be people who said the election of Obama meant we were -- achieved a post-racial status in American society, and I think this -- the heat around this discussion this week shows that we're a long way from a post-racial America.

PAGE: I said then we'll be post-racial when we're post-racism, but we still have racism, sexism, et cetera, out there, always will. We're human beings. But this, I think, was a -- was just an awakening of conservatives who were rather shocked for a variety of reasons by Obama's election, not just race. I think that was a minor element, compared to the philosophical swing and -- and just this big cultural shift.

TAPPER: George, we only have 30 seconds, but -- but do the -- the Tea Party leaders that I just read their op-ed, do they have a point in that we demand the conservatives to condemn isms in their side, but not liberals?

WILL: Well, what -- during the many protests against George W. Bush and the pictures of him with a Hitler moustache and the swastikas associated with him, I don't recall -- I may be wrong -- but I don't recall a clamor of denunciation from the Bush's critics.

TAPPER: All right. Now, one thing...

PAGE: I agree with that.

TAPPER: One thing that the roundtable is going to weigh in on in the -- in the -- in the green room episode that's going to be available on abcnews.com is Aaron Sorkin buying the rights to John Edwards' story, so please stay tuned. And also there you can also find our fact checks. We've teamed up with PolitiFact to fact-check the show.

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