'This Week' Transcript: Geithner

BRAZILE: So how many jobs were created during its period when we had the Bush tax cuts, from 2001 to 2008? How many jobs?

HAYES: I don't -- I don't know the number.

BRAZILE: Hardly any. We lost jobs. That's the point. The point is, we should have tax cuts that help spur economic growth. Bottom line, it's about jobs, jobs, jobs.

ROBERTS: I think that's right. The question is, what cuts? And not just "cuts." And I think that...

HAYES: Sure, OK. Let's say that small business is the engine for job growth.

BRAZILE: I agree with that.

HAYES: But the people that we're talking about, these so-called wealthy, most of them are small-business owners. So if you're talking about cutting taxes for people who can...

DONALDSON: Most of the wealthy...

HAYES: ... put people back to work, that's who you're talking about.


DONALDSON: ... most of the wealthy, the top 3 percent are small-business owners? Wrong. There are some, yes, of course.

BRAZILE: It's less than a quarter.

DONALDSON: Come on, Stephen.

TAPPER: We can have PolitiFact come in and weigh in on that one.

BRAZILE: They will. Trust me.

TAPPER: I do want -- I do want to move to the subject of the unemployed. And by the unemployed, I mean Shirley Sherrod, who is the most notable unemployed person in America right now. The White House says they had nothing to do with it, but Shirley Sherrod on CNN, after speaking to President Obama, said she wasn't so sure.


SHERROD: I firmly believe that someone in the White House was telling them that the White House wanted me to resign.


TAPPER: Now, Donna, the White House says, no, this was all Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack's call. Do you believe that?

BRAZILE: They've told me the same story, and...

TAPPER: That's not what I asked you.

BRAZILE: I know.


They told me the same story, and I'm reluctant -- and I trust the source. My source said we had nothing to do with it, but, you know, once we got on top of it, we moved it.

Look, Ms. Sherrod told a story that is just as amazing as the hymns from "Amazing Grace." It was a story of redemption. And yet we all know from the facts that everyone, everyone -- there's enough pro (ph) to go around to ensure that everyone continue to eat bird until turkey season.

But the truth is, is that the White House jumped the gun, Fox News and others who allowed this -- this -- this bogus tape to hit the airwaves...


BRAZILE: ... and the NAACP...

TAPPER: The NAACP, absolutely.

BRAZILE: ... that did not call their local chapter, did not confer with Ms. Sherrod, it's a mind-boggling story. I talked to Ms. Sherrod. You know, when you grow up in the deep South, as I did, you know the -- you know the history of the movement and you know the history of the Sherrod family. You know Shirley Sherrod's personal story. I'm ashamed that so many people failed to even just simply Google her name.

ROBERTS: But the truth is, the only people who could fire her were the administration. Fox News couldn't fire her. The NAACP couldn't fire her. Only the administration could fire her. So they really bear the most culpability here, I think by a long shot.

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