'This Week' Transcript: Goolsbee and Rauf


AMANPOUR: So beyond that, though, what did you think this current debate about the tax cuts means for the midterms?

HUFFINGTON: Well, the main number, the one number that matters for the midterms is 9.6. That's the unemployment number, and everything else is really irrelevant compared to that unemployment number.

Just remember, in 1994, when Republicans took over the House, the unemployment was 5.6 percent. So this is a wave election. So in a sense, you know, the cards have been dealt.

You know, I believe in miracles, but I don't see any kind of fairy being able to come and change things between now and November.

AMANPOUR: You heard Austan Goolsbee say that, that it was likely to stay high for quite a while. Is this what is empowering the Tea Party movement? And what do you think is going to happen, for instance, in the primaries that are coming up this week?

ZERNIKE: I don't think the unemployment number is what's motivating the Tea Party.

AMANPOUR: The anxiety in the country...

ZERNIKE: Oh, absolutely, the economic anxiety is certainly a part of it, in the sense that we are spending more money than we have to spend. I think these primaries are going to be very interesting.

We've got some primaries in New Hampshire. I don't think -- I think that's probably going to swing with the establishment candidate, Kelly Ayotte in the Senate. We've got of course the Delaware Senate race, which a lot of people are looking for it to be a Tea Party election. In this one, if Christine O'Donnell is elected, I think that's actually going to be a huge boon for Democrats, because Christine O'Donnell is someone that the Republican Party has gone after. She is a Republican. She ran against Joe Biden. She was the Republican Party's choice in Delaware. Now that she's running against Mike Castle, they've made -- they have raised all sorts of issues about her financial problems. So if she wins, the Republican Party really can't get behind her. It's lost for them.

AMANPOUR: And you were there?

KARL: Yes, I was there. I spoke with Christine O'Donnell and Mike Castle. But you have the kamikaze Republicans of Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin, who are endorsing O'Donnell. And you talk to Republicans, to a person in Delaware, all the Republican leadership up there; Republicans, aside from here in Washington, they will say that if O'Donnell wins this, boom, they can't win Joe Biden's Senate seat.

HUFFINGTON: Well, here is the irony. You know, you have about ten congressional races where a third party independent candidate may make a difference and help the Democrats, but in the end, there's such an overwhelming anger in the country. You know, you have two-thirds of all Americans who believe their children are not going to do as well as they're doing. So this is a very profound anger. And politics is a zero-sum game, you know. If they don't vote for the party that is in charge right now, they will vote for Republicans, even though they're going to make things worse for their children. It doesn't matter, right now they don't have another choice.

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