'This Week' Transcript: Holy War: Should Americans Fear Islam?


AMANPOUR: But my question is, do you think any of -- you know after some of the loaded things that happened and we can play you any number of tapes Mr. Bauer . Do you take any responsibility at all for, for instance, what happen in Murfreesboro--

BAUER: Are you serious? Absolutely not. I have never encouraged violence, I condemned violence.

AMANPOUR: You don't think the rhetoric sort of lays the groundwork for others who might feel --


AMANPOUR: No, I'm asking you.

BAUER: Well, I'm answering you. Do you think the rhetoric in Mosque have anything to do with Jewish graves being desecrated, with Jews being beaten in the streets of Europe, with synagogues being firebombed?

NAFISI: please let me say something, I remember after 9/11, President Bush at that time went to the mosque.


NAFISI: With the Muslims. President Obama has been what he has said about Islam... And that is the whole point about America, isn't it? The best weapon we in America have against that kind of terrorist mentality is not to become like them.

SPENCER: what happened to your mosque is a terrible thing. Nobody should go around vandalizing anything. But there's also another thing, and you talk about why are Americans suspicious of these good people? Well, there's also documented evidence, and I can get it to you, that the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other groups have and mosques included, have actually fabricated hate crimes against Muslims that are later discovered that they did it themselves.

IMAM: No, no, no - come on.

SPENCER: I'm not saying that yours were fabricated. What is - maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. its why people are suspicious and that kind of thing has to addressed

AMANPOUR: Reza Aslan, you've heard - you've heard the -

REZA ASLAN, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, DAILY BEAST: Robert Spencer is quite famous for spewing nonsense, and this is - this is more nonsense that every single -media matters-- every single non-partisan media organization has said, quite clearly, every word that came out of Robert Spencer's mouth - the reason that he's the only one who said this is that he's the only one who actually has this information.


SPENCER: It's easy to attack me personally -- its harder to deal with the facts.

AMANPOUR: Reza, what did he say that was inaccurate?

ASLAN: I'm going to go ahead and trust the FBI instead of Robert Spencer when it comes to the rise in Muslim hate crimes. But that's not even the issue here. If you go around saying that 80 percent of mosques are preaching hatred and violence, then why are you surprised that people would actually respond with fear and with violence against Muslims?

SPENCER: Well, actually, I didn't say that.

ASLAN: And if you're spreading this kind of ideology, don't pretend that you don't have a role in the consequences of the things that you say.

SPENCER: -- when in reality, these were three separate, independent studies that came to this figure of 80 percent. They all say that in 1998

ASLAN: Those studies have already been bunked by everybody.


ASLAN: No one is taking you seriously.

SPENCER: I didn't invent this. Yes, you act like I invented Osama bin Laden.

AMANPOUR: Mr. Spencer, you have led quite a lot of the protests behind the Islamic center that Daisy and her husband is trying to -build

SPENCER: Yes. Quite so.

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