'This Week' Transcript: Holy War: Should Americans Fear Islam?


GRAHAM: You know we can have an argument -- but I'm not here to argue. As a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life and that no man comes to the father in heaven except through him. I don't believe in Islam. I don't believe a word of it. I do respect their right to -- to believe whatever they want to believe. My opinions are not based on hearsay. My opinions are based on 50 years of working in Middle Eastern countries. I'm 58. I was -- eight years old when I made my first trip to Egypt. And I've been to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia. I've worked in these countries. But I disagree, Christiane, with -- with the Sharia law, because they do stone women. They do imprison -- I -- I've worked in the Sudan, where they've burned over a thousand churches -- a thousand.

ASLAN: Who is they? I mean Azar Nafisi said something very important. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. It is unquestionably the most diverse, the most eclectic religion in the history of the world. This concept of just using this word "they" to describe one-and-a-half billion people is actually the definition of bigotry.

AMANPOUR: Well, let -- let me -- let me just ask you something.


NAFISI: Who is a Christian, Reverend Graham? Who is a Christian? The Inquisition claimed to be Christians. The gay Episcopalian bishop is a Christian. The Methodists are Christians. The Baptists are Christians. Sarah Palin and Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are all Christians. Who is to say which one is more Christian than the other?

GRAHAM: Right.

NAFISI: And that is the point about Islam. I am not defending it. I lost my -- my cousins were executed, who were Muslims. They were executed by this regime. My best students were executed by this regime. I was deprived of my identity as a woman. They might -- some might be evil, but we're not all good. That is the point

GRAHAM: When we talk about -- there are millions of Muslims in this world that are wonderful people, who don't beat their wives, who don't practice honor killings--

AMANPOUR: Why do you call it a wicked religion, an evil religion?

GRAHAM: I think to -- to take your daughter, because you think that -- and the religion gives you the authority -- Sharia gives you the authority for honor killing. And we saw the young girl in Ohio just a few--

IMAM: It does not.

AMANPOUR: But does it?

IMAM: It does not.

GRAHAM: It does.

IMAM: It does not.

GRAHAM: It does.

IMAM: No it does not.


IMAM: -- justify those honor killings.


GADIEL: -- justify it. You can't deny that--

GRAHAM: It's true.


GRAHAM: But that's true.

GRAHAM: The young lady in -- in Ohio.

AMANPOUR: -- you will admit that it's used to justify it?

IMAM: Hold on. He said someone can kill his daughter because, under the religion support him. Justify this from the Koran. Go ahead.

GADIEL: Your people justify it from the Koran.


IMAM: He said that.


GADIEL: -- for me to justify it--

IMAM: My point is--: -- under the name of the Koran.

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