'This Week' Transcript: Holy War: Should Americans Fear Islam?


KHAN: First of all, I think that if we have to create a counter against extremism, it's Muslims who have to lead that. And it has to be Muslims like myself and people in the audience and around the country. But with the assistance of people of other faiths and other persuasions. And we have to -- we have to run an interference. I'll give an example of this. Terry Jones was about to burn the Koran. And who ran the interference? It was the evangelical community against their own, because they said, "You do not represent Christianity. And you are not going to sit and go this place and tell them they can't establish a mosque. And you're not going to sit and talk to this imam because we said so." This is what we Muslims want to do, but you have tied our hands. You don't allow us to do this because you brand somebody like me as an extremist, and throw me into the arms of al-Qaeda.


GADIEL: Is the head of the American Muslim Council a moderate?

KHAN: Please, stop doing -- please.

AMANPOUR: Hold on. Hold on.

HIRSI: You are sitting here at ABC TV, you've got a great job --


HIRSI: You have freedom to move anywhere, no one is throwing you anywhere. your rights are protected. I think that it's your perception of being a victim, and I think that's --

KHAN: I am not a victim, Ayaan. Stop calling me that. You're the one running with all the bodyguards.


ALI: no you are

GADIEL: she needs it

KHAN: Let me answer. For the record. My life is under threat.

BAUER: Yes, we all are, anybody in --

KHAN: No, hold on one second.

BAUER: Anybody in public life, in a free society has nuts that threaten their lives. everyone.

KHAN: Check with the police department. My husband's life is under threat. We do not walk around with bodyguards, because we love this country.

BAUER: Oh, come on.

KHAN: We don't walk around with big bodyguards.

BAUER: You don't have to, and you don't have to --

KHAN: Because we don't want use taxpayer's money.

BAUER: Ma'am. Ma'am. You don't have to walk around with a bodyguard because --

KHAN: I don't want to --

BAUER: Because this city is one of the most tolerant cities in the world.

KHAN: And that's why I'm a proud American, a proud New Yorker and I want to rebuild New York.

AMANPOUR: That was Gary Bauer – Former Republican Presidential Candidate and keynote speaker at the recent Value Voters Summit in Washington.

AMANPOUR: At the Values Voters Summit, Mr. Bauer, you said -- and you were talking about Islam and you were talking about violence.

BAUER: Right.

AMANPOUR: You said just a couple of weeks ago, "The cause of this violence," you said, "is an Islamic culture that keeps hundreds of millions of people right on the edge of murder and mayhem" --


AMANPOUR: "Twenty-four hours a day."


AMANPOUR: Hundreds of millions of Muslims?

BAUER: Yes, well --

AMANPOUR: On the verge of murder?

BAUER: Well, of mayhem. I said murder and mayhem.


BAUER: OK. Look. I've never, Christiane --

AMANPOUR: But is that what you think?

BAUER: Do you remember a number of years -- ?

AMANPOUR: But is that what you think?

BAUER: I -- If -- I'll answer the question if you will permit me.

AMAN ALI: I'm sitting next to you. Am I going to murder you?

GADIEL: Why don't you let him finish the question?

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