'This Week' Transcript: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN)

VARGAS: But very, very quickly, when somebody like a Senator Scott Brown, for example, breaks ranks with Republicans and votes against a filibuster to get the jobs bill to the floor of the Senate, he gets on his Facebook page, you know, all sorts of angry postings, calling him a double-crosser, a sellout, a Judas. What does that say about the political environment right now?

ALEXANDER: It says we live in a very volatile (ph) political environment, and Scott Brown and I and others simply have to do what we think is right. And if we do, which is to get results in a bipartisan way, we'll probably be re-elected, or at least we'll have done a good job.

VARGAS: Senator Lamar Alexander, thank you so much for joining us here this morning on "This Week."

ALEXANDER: Thank you.

VARGAS: Coming up next, the roundtable with George Will, Cokie Roberts, Sam Donaldson, and Paul Krugman. And of course, later, the Sunday funnies.


MEYERS: The U.S. State Department this week unveiled plans for the new U.S. embassy in London, which will be made of glass and include many advanced security measures, I guess to compensate for the fact that it's made of glass.




OBAMA: I'm going to start off by saying, "Here are some things we agree on."

(UNKNOWN): I think we can all agree on that.

OBAMA: We agree more than we disagree.

(UNKNOWN): I think we all agree on that.

OBAMA: All parties in both chambers should be able to agree.

(UNKNOWN): I agree with that.

OBAMA: We agree that there have to be some. We agree...

(UNKNOWN): We all agree.

OBAMA: We basically agree.

(UNKNOWN): We certainly agree with the premise you stated.

OBAMA: We agree philosophically.

(UNKNOWN): You're right. We agree with that.

OBAMA: You agree that we should have some insurance regulation.

(UNKNOWN): The main point is, we basically agree.

KIMMEL: And I'm happy to announce that no agreement was reached.


VARGAS: But we are agreeing to go to our roundtable now, with George Will, Sam Donaldson, Paul Krugman, and Cokie Roberts. Good to have all of you here this morning. And let's...

ROBERTS: And we're all going to agree.

VARGAS: And we're all going to agree, exactly. DONALDSON: Not a chance.

VARGAS: Exactly. Thanks to you, Sam.

George, what did you think of the summit? Did it mean anything?

WILL: Well, let's put it in context. The country having said we want to concentrate on the economy and jobs, not health care, the president doubles down on health care. And days after he unveils a commission that will propose remedies for our Ponzi entitlement structure, he pushes ahead with a trillion-dollar new entitlement.

The country having said it's too expensive, he melds the House and Senate bills and comes up with a bill that's $70 billion more expensive than the original Senate bill.

The country having said let's do it piecemeal, he says -- and he may have a point here -- he says, look, this is such a complex system that you can't do piecemeal. It's a Calder mobile. If you touch something here, something jiggles way over here.

So, at the end of the day, it turns out we have two parties for a reason, and they have differing views about, A, the purposes and, B, the competence of government. And so we slog ahead.

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