'This Week' Transcript: John Brennan, Sens. Cornyn and Menendez


ARMEY: Well, I think the paradigm shift that you see, for too long the American people have said we're tired of having Washington squabbling with one another and telling us what we're going to get. We have decided to assert our citizenry, be involved, and tell Washington what we require of them and what we must have or they will lose their jobs. This is a great day where America is returning to its foundation root of the citizenry telling the government what we will tolerate from you, what we expect from you and what we require from you. It is an enormous return to the foundation roots of this great country.

HUFFINGTON: Dick Armey is making the mistake that a lot of people are going to make on Tuesday night, which is over-interpreting the results. This victory by Republicans, which I fully expect -- I fully expect them to take over the House -- does not mean that the nation is rejecting Democrats and affirming Republicans. It means that they are rejecting the way our institutions are working, that they have deep mistrust of all establishment, that basically our system has not worked for them.

ROBERTS: We hear this every time we have a president of one party and a Congress of the same party. The people in that party say, oh, this isn't a rejection in the midterm election. And it is, of course, a rejection.


ROBERTS: A midterm election is a referendum on the president.


ROBERTS: That's what it is.

HUFFINGTON: -- positive view of Republicans is to (inaudible).


AMANPOUR: How did the Democrats --

ROBERTS: It is a disaffirmation of Barack Obama.

HUFFINGTON: Absolutely, I said that. But this is not an affirmation of Republicans or a smaller government or of cutting spending, all this stuff that Dick Armey wants you to believe it is. It is not.

ROBERTS: Well, certainly the polls say people want smaller government and cutting spending.

HUFFINGTON: Because the current government has not worked.

AMANPOUR: The latest poll that ABC/Washington Post has just released today says that, in fact, President Obama and the Democrats have lost the mantle of change. The change slogan is now the Republican slogan.

HUFFINGTON: Owned by Republicans.


AMANPOUR: How did that happen?

BRAZILE: Well, it's simple. Because after a presidential election, people decide that, you know, OK, we've tried that. Let's go back the other way.

People are not voting to move backwards. They're moving sideways. And it's like asking somebody in a summer, do you want it to be cool or warmer? So clearly voters want change. That's what they're voting for, but I don't know if they're voting for the kind of wholesale change that Congressman Armey is talking about.

Look, the president issued a preemptive call for cooperation from the Republicans in his Saturday weekly video address. The Republicans will have to decide even if they win a slim majority in the Congress, they will have to decide if they will cooperate or come together to work with the president, or they want to shut down the government. The president will have an opportunity to show a contrast, that he wants to govern to get things done, while the Republicans just want to do more of the same and take a u-turn back to the mess that we got in.

AMANPOUR: George, Senator Cornyn pretty much told us that they didn't expect to win the Senate. Made some news here.

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