'This Week' Transcript: John Brennan, Sens. Cornyn and Menendez


WILL: Doesn't matter, though, because if Mitch McConnell has 48 senators, he will always have 41 senators for whatever he wants to have 41 for.

Let me just say this. The Republican Party is being told to be the party of no. No more stimulus spending. No cap-and-trade. No card check. None of this other stuff. Gridlock is not an American problem. It's an American achievement. The framers of our Constitution didn't want an efficient government; they wanted a safe government. To which end they filled it with slowing and blocking mechanisms. Three branches of government, two branches of the legislative branch, veto, veto override, supermajority, judicial review.


ROBERTS: And we added to that the partisan rate (ph) so that we not only have institutional gridlock, we have partisan gridlock, which the voters overwhelmingly voted for.

WILL: What I'm saying, Cokie, is that when we have gridlock, the system is working.

ROBERTS: No, I understand, I understand that.


HUFFINGTON: But at the heart of this election, and the reason why Democrats have lost the mantle of change, that the administration completely underestimated the economic crisis. And ironically, the president on Jon Stewart said that when he gave credit to Larry Summers, he said a heck of a job, Larry, effectively, which Jon Stewart called him on. And that's why they're going to pay a heavy price. They did not expect unemployment to be where it is right now, Donna. You would agree.

ROBERTS: I think one of the things to watch for, though, Christiane, is that the president has to watch his left flank, as well. This -- extremism is not just on the right, it's on the left, as well. And what we do know is that any time a president is challenged in a primary, he loses in the general election. And there's very -- I would not be at all surprised to see this president challenged.

AMANPOUR: I want to ask Dick Armey again, because I'm fascinated, George, by what you say, that gridlock is good. And certainly there have been members of the Tea Party and others who have been speaking about what might happen after November 2nd. For instance, do you think that there could ever be a time when the Republicans with the Tea Partiers shut down government again? I mean, that was raised this week in an interview. Do you think that's going to happen?

ARMEY: No, I think what's going to happen is they're going to -- there's going to be the continuing contest in the big issues. Will the government be in control of America, which will ultimately destroy America, which is right now the obsession of the Democrat Party with their progressive core that controls the entire party, or will it be, in fact, restrained and responsively responsive to the desires and the needs of the American people.

The Republican Party, bless their heart, finally learned in this last year to listen to America rather than to join with the Democrats and tell America what they're going to get, whether they like it or not. And that's why the Republican Party is going to win.

AMANPOUR: All right. So --

ARMEY: Because they're listening to the voters.

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