'This Week' Transcript: John Brennan, Sens. Cornyn and Menendez


AMANPOUR: They may not win the Senate, and Cokie is saying they are not going to shut down government. Do you call, for instance, one of the big issues you're talking about is health care. Would you say that in the first 100 days, that the Republican Party should try to roll back health care?

ARMEY: Well, let me just say, if you look at the vote when health care went through the House, the bipartisan vote was no. If the Speaker Boehner puts that vote on the floor, just put it out there and let everybody make a vote that is between them and their constituents, they will vote to repeal Obamacare, and at least 20 Democrats will vote with the Republicans, I'll guarantee it.

AMANPOUR: Let me just go to Jon Karl.

ARMEY: And it will be a reaffirmation of the original bipartisan vote by which it was passed in the first place, with only Democrat votes.

AMANPOUR: Let me ask Jon Karl. Jon, you heard me ask Senator Cornyn whether they perhaps had given up on Joe Miller in Alaska. He didn't really say that, but they're not expecting him necessarily to win. But you also were around with President Clinton, and he seemed to be making basically don't count us out, reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated. Is that just wishful thinking at this point?

KARL: Yes, that's kind of what he has to say. He also in that interview said that this is -- they're doing now what they did in 1994. I mean, Bill Clinton is as smart as anybody on this, smarter than most, knows that this -- I mean, it's hard to find a Democrat who honestly will tell you they think they still have a chance at taking the House. It comes down to how bad is the loss going to be.

AMANPOUR: And I want to switch gears for a moment, because I want to raise something that you raised in your column. The issue of the non-issue in this campaign, and that is the war in Afghanistan. Tom Brokaw also last week wrote an op-ed about it. How 10 years in it, it hasn't even surfaced. How can that be?

WILL: Tenth year of our longest war. This is the most deadly year in the decade in Afghanistan. And it is astonishing that it hasn't become an issue. And what's really interesting is that the rise of the conservative impulse in Congress is going to help the president if he wants to maintain this, what, adventure in Afghanistan?


AMANPOUR: It's true, though. The president will be helped by more Republicans.

HUFFINGTON: What I can't understand is why the way that we in the media continue to see everything as left versus right, completely breaks down. You know, you have George Will and Russ Feingold and me and many people across the political spectrum believing that our presence in Afghanistan is making us actually less secure the way we're conducting the war. We're spending 2 billion --


AMANPOUR: Yes, but the Republicans do support it, and it could be a big help for the president's policy.


ROBERTS: We don't know what a lot of the incoming members feel about it.

HUFFINGTON: Well, nobody has made it an issue.

ROBERTS: The fact that you -- that it had not been an issue means that they have not had to really take a position on it. And so it's a possibility that you could get a left/right coalition against the war, but I think it's more likely, particularly if the military commanders ask for support, that they'll get it.

BRAZILE: With all due respect to Afghanistan, I want to get right back to our election. Last word, this is what I heard in Evansville, Indiana. There is a blue thunder that is going to stop the red wave. These races will come down to three or four votes per precinct. '94 had a Republican blowout, but you know what, it was close. So it comes down to people still believing that they can make a difference.

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