'This Week' Transcript: McKay, Napolitano, Salazar and Allen

Citizens that are here, that have -- that have not broken any laws should not be subjected to anything different than any other citizens. It's not about illegal immigrants. It's about legal Latino citizens that should not be targeted, and this law does that.

TAPPER: Matthew?

DOWD: To me, Arizona is a sideshow, and it's symptomatic of a bigger problem. And I don't think this is about the Arizona law. This is about people in a state -- and it's out going on all over the country -- that they see a federal government that's unwilling to enforce a law that's already on the books.

There is an immigration law on the books. It is illegal to come into this country. Arizona for years and years and years, including under the previous guest, Governor Napolitano, has asked the federal government to enforce the law, which they refuse to do in this -- in this context.

So it's not about a new law passed. It's about a state says that we think the federal government should enforce the law. They're not enforcing the law, so we're going to enforce the law.

I don't think it's the right response. I think we need the federal government to step up and actually perform an immigration policy. But it's not about Arizona.


SHARPTON: The federal law...

TAPPER: Reverend Sharpton...


SHARPTON: ... does not say that, based on reasonable suspicion of the police, they can go after someone which targets people that are Latino, since you're dealing with a problem with Mexicans coming across the border. The federal law does not say that, does not target that. We agree the federal laws should be looked at, reformed, and enforced, but to say that you're going to sacrifice the civil rights of Latinos and people of color because the federal government has not moved forward, I think, is very irresponsible.

TAPPER: George?

WILL: The Arizona law does not say that there should be racial profiling. And let me tell you what the...


SHARPTON: Well, then why did they just reform it over the weekend...


WILL: Let me tell you what the federal law says. "Every alien 18 years of age and older shall at all times carry with him and have in his personal possession a certificate of alien registration or alien registration receipt card issued to him." That's been federal law for 58 years.

All that Arizona has done is say we at the state level are going to reinforce the federal law. This is legal. In 2008, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the most liberal circuit court in this country, affirmed the constitutionality of an Arizona law that made it a state crime for employers to hire illegal immigrants. This is not bizarre behavior on Arizona's part.

SHARPTON: The state law does not say -- the state law says that a policeman, under reasonable suspicion -- it did not -- it does not say that in the federal law -- can go and make someone produce and document their citizenship. It does not say what you just read...


SHARPTON: With all due respect, Mr. Will, that is not what that federal law says. And the recognition of that is the state of Arizona's legislature just refined what they said over the weekend. They conceited that we were right and they had to refine it.


WILL: ... 50 years of case law refining the concept of reasonable suspicion. This is not a blank slate, Reverend.

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