'This Week' Transcript: Napolitano, Gibbs, McConnell

GIBBS: No, no, this is a database that a series of agencies enter names into, and a series of agencies draw information from. But again, Jake, the investigation will look backwards and figure out if any signs were missed, if any procedures can be changed about how names are watch-listed. But again, understand there are 18,000 people on either a selectee or a no-fly list. This is a database that contains -- I'm sorry, 550,000 of those names. It's a huge number. We have to ensure and the president has asked that a review be undertaken swiftly to ensure that any information that's gathered and put into any database, that it gets to where it needs to go, to the people that are making decisions.

But again, Jake, understanding, 550,000 are on that one database. The president wants to review some of these older procedures and see if, quite frankly, they are outdated...

TAPPER: They need to be updated.

GIBBS: ... (inaudible) what we're facing today.

TAPPER: I want to (inaudible), just because I want to get to health care reform with the limited time we have left.

GIBBS: Sure.

TAPPER: There was some deal-making that went on as the legislation hit the House and hit the Senate, especially. And that kind of deal-making is one of the reasons that President Obama, then Senator Obama, pledged this on the campaign trail.


OBAMA: Well, have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN, so the people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents and who is making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies.


TAPPER: Now, PolitiFact labeled that a broken promise. I'm not -- I am a little bit more generous this Christmas spirit. You still have one more step in the negotiation process, and in fact President Obama said this to PBS about this final reconciliation between the House bill and the Senate bill.


OBAMA: There needs to be some more work before we get to the point where we're not changing the status quo, and that's the goal.


TAPPER: In any case, it's sound of President Obama saying, we hope to have a whole bunch of folks over here in the West Wing, I'll be rolling up my sleeves and spending some time before the full Congress even gets into session, because the American people need it now. So with that in mind, will the president open up the doors for this final negotiation? He's in charge of it. It's going to be taking place at the West Wing. You have Democratic leaders from the House and Senate reconciling this House and Senate bill. Will he commit to opening up that process to C-SPAN cameras so we can see how this happens?

GIBBS: Well, Jake, first of all, let's take a step back and understand that this is a process legislatively that has played out over the course of nine months. There have been a countless number of public hearings. The Senate did a lot of their voting at 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning on C-SPAN. A lot of this debate -- I think what the president promised and pledged was so that you could see who was fighting for their constituents and who was fighting for drug and insurance companies...

TAPPER: But he was talking about negotiations, not voting.

GIBBS: Well...

TAPPER: The bill being put together.

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