'This Week' Transcript: O'Donnell and Coons


(UNKNOWN): That will not only be a case study in medicine and a case study in mining, but a case study in business, as well. They were very innovative.

KOFMAN: And with cameras broadcasting it to the world live this week, it was executed flawlessly

(on-screen): On a continent infamous for bureaucracy, corruption, and nepotism, Chile, already the most advanced country in Latin America, has rebranded itself as the little country that could.

For "This Week," I'm Jeffrey Kofman, ABC News in Copiapo, Chile.


AMANPOUR: From disaster to triumph. And we leave you with our picture this week, 33 miners seated with President Pinera, a sign of unity and hope.

Thank you for watching today, and we hope to see you next week.

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