'This Week' Transcript: O'Donnell and Coons


MORAN: Yes, my mom was one of millions and millions of people who've made this hard journey. And just being here with you this morning, she would have loved this. She loved politics. She loved baseball. She was a lifelong Cubs fan. And she loved being a mom. She had 10 kids. I'm the eighth, the sixth of her seven sons.

And we as a family learned what millions and millions of families have learned, which is that Alzheimer's breaks your heart. What it attacks is the essence and the core of a person. That has been an inspiration for me and for many others to fight it.

And I brought a little visual aid. One of the things she did was needlework throughout her life. She knitted all of us Irish sweaters, and that's a little piece of needlework, an angel for the top of the Christmas tree.

And one of the sadder passages of her journey was when she couldn't do this anymore, when it was basically just a kind of mess in her lap and then anxious look on her face. We can and must achieve a world without Alzheimer's.

AMANPOUR: And you yourself did a "Nightline" program on testing yourself.

MORAN: I did. I got my DNA tested to become part of clinical trials, to do these kinds of things, just to show that you don't have to sit there. There is a kind of passivity in the country around Alzheimer's. It is a hard and sad journey, but there is a fight to be made, and I believe it can -- it can be defeated.

AMANPOUR: Thank you. And we're going to take this up after the break. And meantime, the roundtable discussion will continue in the green room.

And when we come back, we'll talk to those leading the charge against Alzheimer's. I'll have an exclusive interview with Maria Shriver about why women are at the center of this disease. We'll be right back.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) ABC News' "This Week with Christiane Amanpour" Delaware Senate Candidates Chris Coons and Christine O'Donnell

AMANPOUR: Welcome to viewers here and around the world. I'm Christiane Amanpour. And at the top of the news this week, Tea Party politics in Delaware.


O'DONNELL: What we ended up doing was dusting up (ph) the backroom deals...

AMANPOUR (voice-over): Christine O'Donnell takes on the Republican establishment, but she's not everyone's cup of tea.

(UNKNOWN): I feel that the girl has no experience.

(UNKNOWN): We need somebody that's standing here (ph) with us. Christine O'Donnell is most likely one of those type people (ph).

AMANPOUR: In the battle to control the Senate, is this the Democrats' firewall?

(on-screen): What worries you most about her?

(voice-over): On the campaign trail in Delaware. Exclusive interviews with Democrat Chris Coons and Republican Christine O'Donnell. Then, Maria Shriver on a mission.

SHRIVER: When you are dealing with a parent with Alzheimer's, you yourself feel helpless.

AMANPOUR: Across the country, families battle a silent killer. This morning, we begin a special ABC series examining the impact of Alzheimer's on women. Maria Shriver's Woman's Nation takes on Alzheimer's, only on "This Week."

Plus, mission accomplished. How Chile turned a disaster into a national triumph, a reporter's notebook from ABC's Jeffrey Kofman, who's covered the story from the start.


(UNKNOWN): Elections are about the alternative. And we've just got to keep focusing on what the alternative to (inaudible) would be.

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