'This Week' Transcript: Powell and Dudley

He knows how to play hardball. If you want to call that the Chicago way, that is not -- there's a lot of different Chicago ways, let's say. You know, but this is -- I mean, this kind of business as usual is not typically what's going to cause wars (ph).

WALSH: I don't -- I don't see it hurting his brand at all. I mean, you know, people supported him, they didn't expect him to be Jesus in the White House.

TAPPER: Some might have. Anyway...

WALSH: Yes, a couple people did...


DOWD: He was the one.

WALSH: He was the one.


TAPPER: And then he became "that one."

WALSH: "That one."

TAPPER: Anyway, go on. Yes.

WALSH: So I just don't see this hurting him at all. Darrell Issa needs to go back to California. That's where I'm from. We have real problems. This is silly.

TAPPER: All right, moving on to one last topic, and that is immigration. President Obama this week also announced he was sending 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border. Here is the response from Senator John McCain.


MCCAIN: What happened yesterday in what was clearly a P.R. stunt, the president announced 1,200 National Guard to the border. Now we find out they're going to do desk jobs. One of the things that we have found out is that the presence of a uniformed American on the border has a very significant effect on the drug cartels, because the only threat they feel in Mexico is from the Mexican army.


TAPPER: George, Senator McCain calls this P.R. Is it P.R.?

WILL: It is P.R. It's not very convincing P.R. Bush, I think, sent 6,000 troops to the border.

DOWD: Right.

WILL: It didn't have much effect. The number of border agents has increased 80 percent since 2004, and we now have learned exactly what slows down illegal immigration: a real, serious, world-class recession.

PAGE: That's true. That's true. You know, the Posse Comitatus Act says military people can't make arrests, so -- but they can offer support. President Bush did send 6,000 troops down to kind of be placeholders until more border guards were brought in, which is what has happened.

This is really kind of -- kind of a bone tossed. McCain wanted 6,000; Obama gives 1,200, at least (inaudible) the border. But it's more symbolic than real, I think.

TAPPER: Very quickly, Matthew, President Obama says Republicans need to work on comprehensive immigration reform. You can't solve it with National Guard troops. Here are some National Guard troops anyway. Are -- is he right in that Republicans are not working with him on this?

DOWD: Well, yes, there's not many Republicans that are willing to stand like President Bush did or when he was governor. And, basically, if they took his plan that he offered Congress, that is actually the plan that would solve much of these problems.

Republicans, they're benefiting from the short term. The American -- the country likes this. They want their border protected. But it's like a virus. They're going to contract a virus. And over the long term, they're going to get really sick from it, because the fastest growing group of voters in this country are Latinos, and Republicans right now look very, very, very intolerant of Latinos.

TAPPER: Joan, very quickly, was this a good move by President Obama or not?

WALSH: I think it was a fine move. I think, once again, he made John McCain look like the guy telling everybody to get off his lawn, you know...



TAPPER: The -- the roundtable continues in the green room on abcnews.com. And later, check out our fact checks. "This Week" and PolitiFact have joined together to fact check our newsmakers.


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