'This Week' Transcript: President Barack Obama

DOWD: Every single it's succeeded in the history of the world, it's because the country itself decided it was the right thing to do.

GIGOT: We're not going to try to impose, nobody's talking about imposing democracy--

DOWD: Well we're talking about, you're talking about taking out Assad.

GIGOT: We're talking about using the rebels--


STEPHANOPOULOS: One at a time.

EDWARDS: The last thing that the president wanted and I think that any of us needed is to take down Assad in a state of chaos. Because there's so many different actors on the ground there. We need somebody to actually have control over those chemical weapons now until they're removed and destroyed.

And so I think that you heard the president saying that was not their goal as regime change. But I mean the use of chemical weapons was a game changer. The fact that the Russians finally came to the, came to the table I think makes a huge difference for the president in our ability to move forward on this.

And you know what? I think Iran must look at this and say, you know what; maybe those Americans really are serious. Maybe they really would force against us. I read that completely differently.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Find out in the next couple weeks. I do want to switch to domestic policy. The rest of the president's interviewing. Congressman Amash let me bring this to you. The president talking about these looming showdowns over the potential government shutdown this week. We hit the debt limit on October 18, I believe.

And you saw the president; he pushed back a few times. He certainly seems to be saying he is not going to negotiate at all over the debt limit despite the precedence. Are you, and he's banking, I believe, on Republicans in the House either falling apart or caving.

AMASH: Well we have to have compromise. The president himself is arguing that we're not willing to compromise. We're willing to compromise. And part of that compromise means when you want to borrow more money, we're going to have to have some cuts in government. And that's all Republicans are asking for.

And we're not talking about draconian cuts--

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well there's a strong faction asking for defunding Obamacare though.

AMASH: We're talking about delaying Obamacare for a year, which is something the president has asked for with the Employer Mandate. So let's delay it for everyone. I think we're doing the president a favor if we delay it.


AMASH: The president is not ready to be implemented. If anything the president should be asking us to delay it because it's better for him politically.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Does he see it as a favor to him?

EDWARDS: I don't think so. You know the fact is that we've voted now 41 times to defund Obamacare. I mean maybe 42 is the charm. I mean I think the president is right. You know we can't negotiate over the debt ceiling. And we can't be irresponsible in shutting down the government.

The fact is Speaker Boehner has to decide what kind of Speaker he wants to be. He can be a Speaker who governs and achieves success by getting Democratic votes to continue government operations and to raise the debt limit or he not.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you're saying that he's going to turn his back on the majority of his conference to say--

EDWARDS: No he's going to turn his back on 50 members of the Republican Party--


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