'This Week' Transcript: Former President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush, Lt. General Ken Keen and USAID Chief Rajiv Shah.

SHAH: Well, let me refer back to that quote, because I think it's -- it's somewhat inaccurate. We -- we -- immediately after this happened, the president pulled everyone together and said, "Look, I want you all to work together, I want you to move quickly, and I want you to be aggressive and be coordinated." And that's exactly what we did.

So USAID sent a disaster assistance response team and search-and- rescue teams right away. We did that also with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and a number of other partners so that we could increase the scale of that effort and deploy quickly.

In parallel and right away, we began securing commodities, 600,000 humanitarian daily rations for food, units that produce 100,000 liters of water a day. We've already got four in. We have six more on the way from Dubai, and a number of others things in medicine and -- and tarps and tents, so we could get commodity flow moving. That happened in parallel. We didn't wait.

And in terms of engaging the military and the response, that happened from the very beginning. The reason we're going to have all these military assets there that will expand our distribution capability this coming week is because we acted to make that happen immediately after this disaster occurred.


SHAH: And the president was very clear about his expectations, and I was with General Keen yesterday in Haiti, and we spoke about what it's going to take to meet that. It's going to take a strong and coordinated effort.

TAPPER: All right, Dr. Shah, General Keen, thanks so much for joining us, and good luck to both of you on what looks like a very, very tough job.

SHAH: Thank you.

TAPPER: The roundtable is next, with George Will, Donna Brazile, Tucker Carlson, and Katrina vanden Heuvel, as we turn to politics and a brand-new ABC News-Washington Post poll on President Obama, one year into his term. And that Senate race in Massachusetts, it was supposed to be a shoo-in for the Democrat. What happens if a Republican replaces Ted Kennedy and is the key vote against the Obama agenda? And later, the Sunday funnies.


O'BRIEN: When I was a little boy, I remember watching the "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" and thinking, "Someday, I'm going to host that show for seven months."




LENO: What's the best prank you ever pulled?

KIMMEL: I told a guy that, five years from now, I'm going to give you my show, and then when the five years came, I gave it to him, and then I took it back almost instantly.

LENO: Wow.


KIMMEL: It was hilarious.

LENO: Ever order anything off the TV?

KIMMEL: Like NBC ordered your show off the TV?

LENO: Yeah. No, no, no.

Is -- is there anything you haven't hosted that you want to host?

KIMMEL: Oh, this is a trick, right...


KING: ... where you get me to host the "Tonight Show" and then take it back from me?

LENO: No, no, no.


TAPPER: That's ABC's Jimmy Kimmel giving Jay Leno a good what-for there. We'll talk to our roundtable about that, George Will, Tucker Carlson from the Daily Caller, Katrina vanden Heuvel from The Nation, and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile.

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