'This Week' Transcript: Rand Paul, Rep. Mike Pence and David Stockman

DOWD: And I think that's an important point. Though there's less women going to be serving in Congress up the street here, the interesting thing is there's going to be more women serving in governor's offices. The first woman governor of South Carolina, the first woman governor of New Mexico, the first woman governor of Oklahoma. And in those places, where people actually trust the state to do something, as senator, former Governor of Indiana Bayh knows, that people actually go -- they're looking to the state governments much more than Washington, D.C., to solve the problems in their life because they trust it.

AMANPOUR: Let me ask about a very prominent woman, Nancy Pelosi. Is it in the best interest of your party that she is taking this leadership fight now?

PODESTA: Well, I think that the Republicans spent millions of dollars demonizing her.


(UNKNOWN): ... on her own.

PODESTA: They're all now popping champagne corks. But I think I'd -- if I were them, I'd calm down a little bit, because she did take the House back from them. She's got the majority in the House. She's -- she's tough, disciplined, a great fighter. That's how she produced the legislative achievements that President Obama asked her to produce. And what she needs, I think, is balanced leadership, and that's still -- that's a challenge that she's going to have to face now.

AMANPOUR: Very quickly. We've got 45 seconds before the green room roundtable.

BAYH: It'll be a big topic in this town, but (inaudible) American people really won't care. The right will continue to demonize her. But since she's not in a position to actually implement things, that won't matter so much, and she's very good inside at raising money and those sorts of things, so I think it's really a non-issue.

WILL: Her caucus will be smaller, but much more liberal, so it will support her. And she will also have the support of the Republicans, who would like her to stay.

(UNKNOWN): Right.

BAYH: Finally, bipartisanship.

AMANPOUR: There you go. We achieved it. And President George W. Bush's book is coming out this week. There are interviews; there's all sorts of reviews. And no doubt, perhaps, you'll talk about it in the roundtable in the green room at abcnews.com/thisweek, where you can also find our fact checks by PolitiFact.

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