'This Week' Transcript: Sen. John McCain


EL SAADAWI: Well, women in Iran have been fighting for their rights for 100 years, especially before these recent developments, they have been at the forefront of fighting for their rights and fighting for democracy. And for nearly two years now after the disputed president elections, people have been on the streets and have been fighting at least for their votes initially.

So I think that it's, you know, reflected and the same issues are going on inside of Iran that they are in other places.

AMANPOUR: Thank you all so much. And we'll be watching the women's summit, the Daily Beast Newsweek that's coming up this week. So thanks very much for joining us. And we will be right back.


AMANPOUR: Thank you for watching ABC News. We are always here online at ABCnews.com And we hope you'll watch World News Sunday later this evening. And I'll see you here next week.

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