'This Week' Transcript: Tim Pawlenty and Mitch Daniels

I don't think the New York race will drive people away from this, because it would have been a different outcome. Too close for comfort, but a different outcome. The Republican almost certainly would have won if there hadn't been one of these free-booting third-party candidates who spent $3 million, every penny of it his. He got no contributions, as far as anyone can tell.

Beyond that, what the Republicans have learned is -- Pat Moynihan used to tell me this -- after long public life, he said you cannot exaggerate how often and how simply you have to say things in public life to get this country's attention.

AMANPOUR: So do you agree that the Democrat won only because the race was split?

BRAZILE: This race, it was won on three issue, Medicare, Medicare, Medicare. And Kathy ran a great race. She was on message. She pointed out that her opponent, Ms. Corwin, supported the Ryan plan. That was a kiss of death, and the Republicans know it. The Republicans are on record now to end Medicare as we know it. They're going to have to deal with that.

And let me just tell you, Bill Clinton was thrilled that Kathy Hochul won that race. And for Democrats up on Capitol Hill, they have new life, new air under their wings.

KARL: But Bill Clinton also made an important statement there. He said that I hope Democrats don't use this as an excuse to do nothing, and that is exactly what Democrats are doing right now. There is no Democratic plan on reforming Medicare. We're waiting for the president to come out with a plan. The president's old budget lost 97-0 in a vote in the Senate. So, you know, I mean, who -- Republicans are scared. They are definitely scared. But there is nothing coming from the other side.

BRAZILE: But the Ryan plan -- the Ryan plan lost. The Toomey plan lost. Look, the Senate was in a mood to just say no so they can get out of town. But the Republicans have consistently tried to kill Medicare for the last 30 years, and the Democrats...

GILLESPIE: No, that -- that is not true.


GILLESPIE: We've been trying to save Medicare. And the only party that has a plan to save Medicare is the Republican Party. The Democrats in the Senate, who have controlled the Senate for -- for, you know, three years, going on three years now, haven't passed a budget in 760 days.


GILLESPIE: They have nothing to offer the American people. That will be the choice.

AMANPOUR: And we will continue this discussion in the green room. And Mitch Daniels told me that actually he thought Medicare should be a litmus test in this coming-up election. So join us there at abcnews.com/thisweek, where you can also find our fact checks of today's interviews from PolitiFact.

And when we return, getting jobs and hiring in this economy, but first, the Sunday funnies, so stick around.


AMANPOUR: And now, the Sunday funnies.


KIMMEL: The field for the Republican candidate for president is finally taking shape. After announcing that he would not run last week, he made a big announcement. Donald Trump told "Fox and Friends" this morning he might run. See, that's the kind of decisiveness we need.


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