'This Week' Transcript: Tom Donilon


AMANPOUR: All right. You've said that it's time for Pakistan to wake up. Is there going to be a credible investigation that leads to some heads rolling? National security adviser said that the chief of the military, General Kayani, was holding an investigation. Tell me where that investigation stands.

HAQQANI: General Kayani, of course, as you know, is an honorable soldier who is very different from those in Pakistan who in the past have used their military position to try and make coups. The coup-makers have different worldviews than General Kayani. He and other soldiers, professional soldiers, are as concerned about this as you and I and. And, therefore, there is an investigation ongoing. It's premature for me to reveal the details of it. But that investigation will lead wherever it will lead.

AMANPOUR: Will heads roll?

HAQQANI: And heads will roll, once the investigation has been completed. Now, if those heads are rolled on account of incompetence, we will share that information with you. And if, God forbid, somebody's complicity is discovered, there will be zero tolerance for that, as well. Remember that President Obama himself said the government of the United States is very clear that President Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani, the chief of our army, they were certainly not amongst the people who should have been accused.

AMANPOUR: All right. But let me ask you this, then. You have -- you've heard and you know that you have access and in custody the three wives of Osama bin Laden, the noncombatants who were found there, children included, and a lot of material. Are you interrogating them? What are they telling you?

HAQQANI: Well, we are learning things about the lives that they were leading. Obviously, it's not very easy to interrogate small children, and certainly the wives, also.

AMANPOUR: The wives.

HAQQANI: For example, we understand that one of the wives never left the same floor as Osama bin Laden because they were paranoid about physical movement. They didn't go to windows. They didn't have any sort of fresh air, so to speak.

So all these people are, of course, being interrogated, questions being asked. Pakistan wants to put to rest any, any misgivings the world has about our role.

Be clear: We have been victims of terrorism, and we will see this through, and we will share all intelligence with everyone that we have to share this intelligence with.

AMANPOUR: Precisely, therefore, will you give them -- you talk about sharing intelligence -- will you give the United States access to them, as Mr. Donilon just asked for and they want? Will they have access to the wives and the material?

HAQQANI: Let -- let me say this, Christiane. This is a moment for me to be very diplomatic. What we do, Mr. Donilon will know, and you will have him on your show again in the near future. And he will...

AMANPOUR: So that's a yes?

HAQQANI: He will tell you the role of Pakistan. Let's be honest. Pakistan has a complexity in its society. We have people -- if you do political opinion surveys, there are people who have sympathy with the cause of Osama bin Laden. Those of us who do not, we are targets ourselves, so we have to deal with that complex ground reality in Pakistan. It's not easy for us.

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