'This Week' Transcript: After the Tragedy


KEN DORUSHKA: Well, I'm not sure about that. But when we came to visit with the Congresswoman who signed in with Daniel on the clip board. We were eighth in line. As I turned to walk back towards her -- and now I'm only a few feet away from my wife -- what I thought were firecrackers went off. And I turned over my shoulder and I saw it wasn't firecrackers. He was there with a gun and just coming towards me and firing randomly, it looked like.

I immediately -- I got to her. I took her and threw her down rather forcefully. I'm kind of a big guy and I think I injured her pretty hard. But I threw her down on the ground and got -- and put my arm over her head and just as he walked up, at this point in time, he was firing. And we were at the feet of -- of some people that were in chairs that were hit and my arm was hit with a bullet.

And I felt that pain and I kept her down. And I just waited for the next one because I really thought that was going to be it -- that I was on my way out.

AMANPOUR: You thought you were going to die.

DORUSHKA: Well I thought there was a -- yes. Because after the first shot, I thought the second one was going to be the final one. Because as I looked up I saw a sight that I see every night and it was a lot of blood. A lot of -- I mean, Carol was just covered with blood from head to foot from the people that were sitting in chairs.

AMANPOUR: You -- you say you see it every night. Do you have flashbacks?

DORUSHKA: Oh yeah. Yeah. That's what. The physical healing, you know, will take a little time but it'll be fine. It's the emotional healing that's going to take time. That's going to be the hard part.

AMANPOUR: I'd like to ask Anna Ballis, you were also there that day, that moment. How are you coping with it after what you did? Tell me a little bit about what you did that day

ANNA BALLIS, RESIDENT: Well, I never quite made it in the Safeway. It was quite the different trip going to a grocery store.

I had shown up at the -- I did not go there for the event. When I got out of my vehicle, I was actually going to go into the other entrance to the store, but saw that there was a crowd gathering and thought I would go over and check it out and see what was going on.

So as I was walking into the store, I did not know it at the time, but Ron Barber had reached his hand out to me and said, "Please come back and see us." He says, "I would love to have you meet her.

AMANPOUR: This was -- come back and meet the congresswoman?

BALLIS: Yes. I do remember looking over and seeing Christina, and she was quite excited about meeting the congresswoman, jumping up and down. And, unfortunately, she never made it.

AMANPOUR: Did you try to help?

BALLIS: I was not close enough to her. When the gunfire started, I leaned up against a concrete pillar to basically save my own life, went to the ground and got under a table, and just covered up my head.

I looked up, and the first person closest to me was Ron. And I had noticed that he had been shot twice. And he -- when I did crawl out from underneath the table and got over to him, he was more concerned about everybody else. He didn't care about himself.

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