'This Week' Transcript: After the Tragedy


I do not truly believe he knew the extent of his injuries at that time. And like others have said, you don't think about what you're going to do, you just do it. So I was able to pretty much apply pressure to the wound that he had in his groin area and just stayed there with him and told him he'd be OK.

AMANPOUR: Bill, Christina Taylor Green is such an elemental part of this story. You say you're looking forward to having a private meeting with her parents to grieve together. What will that conversation be like?

HEILMAN: The conversations that I've had with John on the telephone -- I've only spoken with John -- we basically barely get started and we both devolve into tears. Excuse me.

We are very fond of one another. Roxanna, the morning after this event, despite having to be at the lowest depth that a human can experience in this life, took time to e-mail Suzie and assure her of their love for our family, of their appreciation for the relationship that Suzie and Christina had forged, and that we had all their best wishes for Suzie's full recovery.

They have demonstrated gracefulness that is extraordinary under the circumstances. We'll be bonded forever by this tragedy. I just feel the need to share with them. I can't imagine what they're going through, and I don't begin to predict what it's going to be like to get together. I feel the need to share grief with them.

AMANPOUR: And does Suzie talk about Christina even though she's trying to heel physically? Does she talk about her?

HEILMAN: Suzie has had Christina on her mind from the moment she woke up. I sensed that once she did finally lose consciousness, she had described right before that their hands still being held, being on the ground, absolutely eyeball to eyeball with Christina. And that is the image that was in her head until she woke up after her surgery.

We haven't wanted to initiate a conversation on the topic, but much has come forth from her in bits and pieces. She has initially demonstrated a good deal of anger over the fact of what's happened. That kind of -- I mean, obviously, is more than justified. It's almost helpful to hear.

All she wanted to do was to give a little girl a chance to see what she herself could become someday in a way that Suzie and her generation felt she never could. And so that's driving the anger.

She's a strong woman, and she knows rationally that there's no blame to be apportioned. But the fact of the matter is, she took a little neighbor's girl away that morning and was unable to bring her home.

AMANPOUR: And when we return, madmen in our midst. How can we stop someone with violent tendencies before they strike? The conversation continues.

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AMANPOUR: Chief Rick Kastigar, can you tell us where the investigation is right now?

AMANPOUR: Is the shooter cooperating?

KASTIGAR: He did not. He, immediately - the day we took custody of him, invoked his rights, and we kept him in custody. Spoke to him no further, other than to deal with his personal needs. But from an investigative standpoint, and I have to be very honest with you, our interaction with him was really only a matter of seven, eight, nine hours and he was turned over to the FBI. But he has not spoken to our organization.

AMANPOUR: And do you know that he's spoke to theirs?

KASTIGAR: To my knowledge, he has not, really, given the FBI much information at all.

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