'This Week' Transcript: Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

GUILLEN (ph): You keep dominating the conversation, and you're not letting us get any input. So all you're doing is complaining.

BOETTCHER: Now, Major Guillermo Guillen (ph) tells the new Afghan commander hard truths about America's slow exit from Afghanistan.

GUILLEN (ph): This has been the problem, is you're constantly waiting for an American force to go with you. You can't do that.

BOETTCHER: The modern American soldier is part-fighter, part-diplomat, part-truth-teller. Each day, American soldiers fan out across Afghanistan to spread this message: The Taliban kills you.

(UNKNOWN): In addition to the cutting off their heads, they destroyed a Koran when they blew the building up.

BOETTCHER: The American-backed government of Afghanistan will protect you.

(UNKNOWN): We do not want good Muslims to die.

BOETTCHER: Lieutenant Andrew Simmons (ph) is a relentless minister of that message.

SIMMONS (ph): We're working under the assumption that the vast majority of these guys can actually be reconciled back into Afghan society. They're not people we have to kill to win the war.

BOETTCHER: Some days there are glimmers of hope. For the first time of their year deployment, Currahee Brigade is warned by villagers that the Taliban planted a big bomb along the road they're patrolling.

(UNKNOWN): Yeah, I know. We need to encourage more people to tell us about this stuff.

BOETTCHER: The bomb is uncovered and destroyed.

(UNKNOWN): My honest assessment is, is they do what they kind of have to do to survive. You know, I think that they can of appease whoever is here at the time for survival.

BOETTCHER: And the reality of survival is this: American soldiers are leaving. The Afghan government is slow to fill the void. And time is running out.

For "This Week," I'm Mike Boettcher in the Pech Valley, Afghanistan.


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AMANPOUR: And now the Sunday funnies.


FERGUSON: And happy anniversary to President Obama and the lovely Michelle. They got married on this day in 1992. They had a nice private dinner to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the last time someone said yes to an Obama proposal.


GRASSLEY: Never before in the 225-year history of our country has the federal government said you had to buy anything.

COLBERT: Yes, the government cannot force you to buy things. It can only tax you, draft you, seize and sell your property, arrest you, incarcerate you, and execute you.


MEYERS: On Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced that he was not running for president. And then on Wednesday, Sarah Palin also announced that she would not run. Palin said that she would love to be president, but she just couldn't handle the two-year commitment.



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AMANPOUR: And now, "In Memoriam."


JOBS: Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone. The last few years have reminded me that life is fragile.

DAVIS: I had a dream that some day I would build the finest organization in professional sports.


AMANPOUR: And we remember all those who died in war this week. The Pentagon released the names of four service members killed in Afghanistan.

We'll be right back with "Next Week in Politics."


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