100 Places to Visit Before You Die, Redux


Playing Naked Frisbee With Aboriginals. "There's a tribe called the Dani--an aboriginal tribe in Irian Jana, Indonesia," Northam says. "They are incredibly athletic and really took a shine to Frisbee." So well did the tribe like Northam's flying disc that they have made their own home-made versions from bamboo. Be advised, though: The Dani play unclothed. Theirs is the last stone-age village in existence, he says, and certainly the last stone-age village with a Frisbee.

Drinking Ayawaska in Peru. Ayawaska, explains Northam, "is a Shaman-administered medicinal drug made from three vines and two roots. It's not a recreational drug. It's a hallucinogenic that helps people resolve issues like overeating, drugs and alcohol. You have visions." He compares the experience to having 10 years of therapy in 5 hours. Celebrities who've done it and recommend it, he says, include Sting and Tori Amos.

Dawson City Music Festival, Canada. Once a year in July, country bands from around the world, including ones from Mali and Ethiopia, descend on this old goldmining town made famous by novelist John Steinbeck. Northam calls Dawson far-flung, likable, and rustic.

Writer Catherine Price offers a different sort of advice: Places not to go. If your remaining time on earth is short, be sure to skip these destinations and others that she lists in "101 Places Not to See Before Your Die."

-The Beijing Museum of Tap Water. "It's exactly what it sounds like," says Price, and just about as interesting. "Their English translations are atrocious." What's ironic, she says, is that "you can't drink the tap water in Beijing; so, you've got a museum, here, dedicated to a something that doesn't exist."

-Center for Prostatology, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, St. Petersburg. The Center defies easy description, combining, as it does, a museum of erotica and a working medical clinic. The museum showcases the life, legend and preserved body parts of the visionary monk Grigory Rasputin. Ours being a family news organization, we will allude only in general terms to what those body parts are. Suffice it to say, Rasputin was endowed by his creator--maybe not with inalienable rights, but endowed nonetheless.

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