11 New Airline Fees We Might See in 2011


No. 9: Name Change Fees -- Some people might actually welcome this, if the price is right. You buy a non-refundable ticket you can't use, so rather than throwing it out you'll pay a fee to assign it to another passenger. The key question here is what type of fee the airline charges and could they resell your vacant seat for a higher price.

No. 10: Fare Lock-In Fees -- In December, Continental Airlines introduced FareLock, a new service that allows passengers to pay fees starting at $5, and rising to $9 or more, to hold a seat at a given price as a hedge against rising airfare. The price can vary depending on the itinerary and other factors. Other airlines haven't yet followed but Hobica said they will all be watching.

No. 11: Pay to Pee Fee -- This is actually one that has been floating around for a few years, ever since Ryanair said it would consider charging for the bathrooms. But don't fret, Hobica said, the fee has yet to arrive in Europe and won't be coming here anytime soon.

"It would never happen in the U.S. ever. People would just revolt," he said. "People would just leave the door open. They will just put a roll of toilet paper and jam the door open."

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