Five Soon-to-Be White Hot Tourist Destinations

Luang Prabang: You can walk just about anywhere in this tiny mountain town, though bikes are available for a cheap day rate. Flanked by mountains and bisected by the Mekong River, the scenery is beautiful as its Royal Palace Museum, once the home of the king before communist takeover.

Kuang Si Falls: Find a day's worth of swimming, river hiking and picnicking at these beautiful waterfalls, just about an hour by boat or tuk-tuk from Luang Prabang. The climate is quite a bit cooler under the jungle canopy than in the nearby city.

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Just five years ago, you might be asked by an intrepid local how much you'd like for the name-brand jeans you're wearing. Now, you can't afford to buy jeans in Moscow.

Like the rest of Eartern Europe, Moscow seems an obvious choice, but the rise of capitalism makes now an exciting time to visit what's just become the world's most expensive city.

Twentysomethings who can remember standing in line for a loaf of bread are discovering once obscure traditions like Halloween for the first time. That surge of energetic newness combined with the grittiness of the recent past has created a nightlife scene that attracts the world's best DJs, yet still maintains an underground feel -- not unlike the urban rave culture in '90s Detroit.

Don't Miss:
Lenin's tomb: The cavernous mausoleum, featuring a perfectly preserved body, is smack-dab in the middle of Red Square.

The Kremlin: It's bigger than you think.

KGB Museum: Tour photographs and torture equipment with a former agent as your guide. By appointment only.

Sanduny Banya: Roughly $50 will get you into the Moscow's oldest and most famous bath house, where you can sit naked in a hot steam room for a couple hours and maybe get a pal to whip you with birch twigs.

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