Deep Breath: ABC News' Matt Gutman Gets an Exclusive Preview of a New and Dangerous Free Dive Racing Sport


Matt Gutman: 'For a Few Blissful Minutes, I Got to Play Mer-man'

A handful of scuba and free divers were watching on the sidelines, and I learned that one can get too close to the action. In one free dive, I accidentally drifted into the course, but a graceful female racer glided out of the way and back towards the gate.

When Team Purple won the event, the racers let out a rebel yell in victory.

Krack told me "I see teams that go to small race weekends, to get to the major grand prix, developments in the scooters and how they ride the scooters, and it'll be interesting."

In the Cayman Grand Prix, it was strange to see such a tranquility among the participants. There was no cheering or hot dogs during the race, just the thump-thump of my heart and the sight of those human-fish scooting by. That solitude became addictive.

"I'm 37 free dives from 7,000 in past three years alone," Krack said. "In three years, I've had over 230 hours free diving underwater."

I called him a "man-fish," he laughed. "Yeah, or a mer-man," he said.

For a few blissful minutes, I got to play mer-man as well, scooting through the water, through the gates, now also addicted.

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