Airlines' New Reality: Fees for Carry-Ons, Pillows, Water, Once Included, Now New Revenue


One service that's still included, the airlines agree to deliver your body in one piece to your destination. Though pretty much everything else that was once included is now considered a frill. And there seems to be no limit on the range of so-called free services onboard the airlines will start charging for.

Ireland's Ryan Air made some noise about charging passengers to use the plane's toilet, but after an outcry, the company said it never really meant it. But the airline's management is now pressing for a change in the law so that overweight passengers have to pay higher prices for seats.

At least, we passengers can take comfort in knowing we can see these fees coming more clearly now. A new law requires airlines to tell passengers up front about the taxes and add-ons built into the price, which their advertisements used to leave out.

So if you want what used to be included in the ticket price, carry it on yourself. Bring your own food, pillow, movies and water. Carry on, just for the frill of it, unless you get hit with one of those carry-on charges.

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