No Free Food on Airlines, But Still Calories


But here's where Mayor Bloomberg may get a little concerned: airline soft drinks are still free. Is this airline policy to blame for full-figured flyers? I doubt it, since you generally only get half a can's worth. One flight attendant has gone on record saying the fizz in some sodas takes so long to subside that she usually ends up handing over the entire can, but that's still only 140 calories of Coke. The legendary cousin of Big Gulp -- the Double Gulp -- can hold as many as 600 calories!

But don't take away our free soda. US Airways learned that the hard way when it briefly made us pay for all drinks back in 2008. The airline soon cried uncle in the face of passenger backlash (and when no other airline joined in as they'd expected).

The moral is that when it comes to food, don't blame the airlines; they don't give us enough to make much of a difference, not in coach anyway. If you want to see great examples of "bad" plane munchies, just stop in any airport gift shop for a vast array of high-calorie, high-fat offerings from super-size candy bars to hefty sacks of sweet and salty mash-ups.

As I always say, bring something tasty and healthy from home. And to stay on Mayor Bloomberg's good side, you may want to skip the leftover Halloween candy.

This piece is the opinion of the author and not of ABC News.

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