Hello, Yeti, Scoot and More Airlines You've Never Heard Of

This Budapest-based discounter, like all low cost carriers, has a list of optional fees as long as your arm (I quit counting at 60) but one in particular intrigued me, the "On Time Arrival Guarantee" fee (about $13). If you pay this fee and your flight is delayed more than an hour, they credit you with $133 to use on a future flight. Not bad! But why would a carrier called Wizz Air ever be late?

Hello, Goodbye

I was sorry to see the Swiss airline Hello go bust last year (but not as sorry as the 3,000 passengers left stranded, I'm sure); it had such a friendly name. The good news is, we still have Hello Kitty Airlines; well, kind of. This "airline" consists of planes flown by Taiwan's EVA Air painted to resemble the Hello Kitty cartoon characters that threaten to take over the world (and if you don't know what I'm talking about, you obviously don't have a five year old daughter). You can fly a Hello Kitty jet from Taipei to Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and more but if you're traveling with that five year old, open your wallet. EVA Air has loads of Hello Kitty souvenirs for sale, from pendants to flight bags and even Swarovski crystal figurines ($206).


This discount is different from its luxurious sister-carrier, Singapore Airlines but what sets it apart from all others, according to its website, is 'Scootitude'. This is defined as a combination of cool, daring, friendliness and quirkiness, perfectly embodied in its cheeky slogan, "Get out of here!" Sounds like fun.

Yin and Yang

No, there's no Y&Y airline that I could find (although there is a Yinyang airport hotel in China). I was just thinking of a couple of carriers you probably have heard of that more or less illustrate Yin and Yang: Richard Branson's Virgin empire and Hooters Air. They are opposites for sure but here's the biggest difference: Virgin planes continue to soar around the world while Hooters was grounded seven years ago. Possibly there's a moral in there somewhere. Or not.

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