'Baggage Battles': Airports Auction Lost, Misplaced and Forgotten Luggage


"People just forget," Marc Henderson said. "If you brought your stuff here, it must be important to you... So be careful with it. But I've seen costume jewelry. We auctioned off an automobile motor. That was kind of strange."

As for Billy Leroy, he spent $350 to buy an old truck, which was carrying some military items, and a bag that contained a pair of pants with rare coins in the pocket, a profit of $3,300 when he cashed out.

But Leroy spent a total of $2,000 at Miami International, in part on a Cartier watch, knowing full well that all of his calculations and hunches could amount to one big bust. The watch turned out to be a fake. But at one point, he won a Swiss Army bag that didn't contain much of value, but he found the owner's car rental information inside.

"I might do a good deed and return this bag to its owner," Leroy said. "People lose their luggage because they don't mark their name on their luggage... so whoever owned this bag, you should have marked your bag."

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