Five Best Places To Eat in Austin for $5


With a grill and smoker built into the back of the bus, the meat comes out perfectly smoked a mere five seconds before it hits your mouth. And while the brisket sandwich takes top billing at Old School BBQ and Grill, Parrott and partner Trey Cook make one of the meanest cheeseburgers in Central Texas.

Our recommendation: the Brisket Sandwich. It's smoky, it's juicy and it's about as big as your head. Good luck eating this thing with one hand, especially after it's topped with pickles and caramelized onions.

Mighty Cone, 1603 South Congress Avenue

Mighty Cone has a one-two punch – unique presentation and great-tasting food. Mighty Cone has been serving up its fried chicken, fried shrimp and fried avocado since mid-2008, but there's a twist -- its served in a paper cone.

Wrap up some fried chicken or shrimp in a warm tortilla, sprinkle in some cool, crisp veggies and garnish with a special sauce, and you have the Mighty Cone staple. Don't be too surprised when they hand you your meal neatly fitted into its paper holder; just make sure you don't eat any of it! Think of it as a delicious, protein and vegetable snow cone.

Our recommendation: the Chicken Cone. The chicken is perfectly fried and the lettuce and sauce add a cool compliment. And we admit, it's just plain fun eating out of that cone.

Taco Deli, 1500 Spyglass Drive

This south Austin taco mecca is the only restaurant on our list that isn't housed in a trailer, but its expansive, delicious menu and rock-bottom prices make it a perfect fit. With eight breakfast tacos and 24 lunch tacos on the menu, you can get almost any type of meat, cheese, vegetable and sauce on your order.

Founder Roberto Espinosa opened up the Spyglass location over a decade ago with a slew of his mother's taco recipes. Now Taco Deli has three locations, with restaurants located in central and north Austin, but the original is our favorite. What makes Taco Deli's tacos a cut above is the freshness of the ingredients. The vegetables taste as if they've just been picked and the meat seems to go directly off the grill into your mouth.

Our recommendation: the Cowboy Taco. It's a perfect blend of beef tenderloin, fresh roasted vegetables and melting queso fresco. And you won't go wrong choosing either flour or corn tortillas, because both are outstanding. The hardest decision may be choosing to eat only one. contributor Travis Measley is a member of the ABC News on Campus bureau in Austin, Texas.

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