Is a Cruise Vacation Without Weight Gain Possible?

This is the first cruise I've ever used the fitness center, walking at least 20 minutes on the treadmill on sea days. I hate to exercise, which I guess helps to explain why I'm overweight.

And while the food is great, of course there's much more to this vacation. We have had wonderful port stops and tours in Monte Carlo, Monaco; Barcelona, Cartagena and Malaga, Spain; Casablanca and Agadir, Morocco; Cape Verde; and Recife and Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Then we spend three days in Rio de Janeiro.

The cruise has been an opportunity to see new places with great friends. But this time I wasn't gaining weight in the process. Others on the ship weren't so fortunate. There were complaints at dinner about clothes that fit just fine before the cruise that were now a tad tight. I spoke to one man who said when he goes on a cruise he figures he consumes 1,500 calories a day in alcohol.

Shipboard life is a bit of a fantasy, and now it had ended. No more having three meals a day served to me. No more Soumya the butler bringing me shrimp and crab and shining my shoes. No more staff addressing me by name as I walk through the ship.

I just have one more thing to do before I step off the gangway-- step on the scale for the last time on the ship. I'm not expecting any surprises and I don't get any. When the ship rolls for a second it almost looks like I've lost two pounds, but the needle on the scale settles down. The display in kilograms tells me my weight is the same. I made it through the cruise without gaining weight.

There's another old joke among cruisers, "What's your favorite cruise? Answer: My next one." Well, for me, this is my favorite cruise.

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