Forget Coffee, Let's Go to Cabo: Site Pairs Sugar Daddies With Hot Travel Mates

PHOTO: Steven and Sibel

"I'm Sibel, and I'm 27. Originally, my family is from Turkey. I'm a huge marathon runner. But even more than that I love traveling."

Having read that, you know as much about Sibel as Steven did before meeting her. Only he didn't meet her at the start of a blind date facilitated by a typical dating website -- he flew her to Cabo for the weekend.

Watch the full story, including footage of Sibel and Steve's blind getaway, on "20/20" online.

Sibel lives in New York City. Steven, 31, is a financial advisor in San Diego. They ended up in idyllic Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, thanks to a website called that "matches generous travelers with attractive travel girls (or guys)."

As the parenthesis suggests, most of the "generous" are men -- doctors, lawyers, athletes -- and most of the "attractive" are women. The men pick up the tab for the whole trip.

Was Steven worried about locking himself into being with (and paying for) someone he didn't know?

"I was concerned about that, but I figured, why not?" he told "20/20" co-anchor Chris Cuomo.

After her 10-hour trip, Sibel expressed some nervousness.

"The butterflies are kicking in," she said. "I'm meeting someone I've never met before in a different country. For a first date. The whole entire weekend."

After Sibel knocked on Steve's hotel-room door, the awkward meeting was soon eased by margaritas.

"Cheers to Cabo," said Steve.

"To possibilities," Sibel added softly.

Soon after, the pair stripped down and hit the water.

PHOTOS: Steve and Sibel's Cabo Vacation -- Inside an Extravagant Blind Date

That night Steve and Sibel shared a private dinner on the beach. The conversation was the only sign this wasn't a honeymoon but a blind date.

"I'm not talking anymore until you say something," Steve said.

They stayed in separate bedrooms and the next day, Steven took Sibel sailing on a 52-foot yacht. They flirted, and later kissed on the bow of the boat a la "Titanic."

Sibel describes herself as a hopeless romantic and is clearly hoping something more serious results from this Cabo vacation. But critics say is just a high-flying escort service.

A browse through the site's 100,000-plus profiles turns up a few people hoping to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, but also millionaires -- old and young -- looking for "no-strings-attached fun" and girls seeking financial support.

Brandon Wade,'s founder, rejected the characterization of the site as offering prostitution opportunities.

"The generous guy is responsible for paying for the trip ... but there's no payment of the other person," he told Cuomo.

At the bottom of the homepage it says is "strictly an online dating website. Escorts are not welcome."

Wade said he sees no problem with people who meet on the site having sex, with one key exception.

"I'm O.K. with it, as long as it's a few months of a relationship," Wade said, "but if it's a one-hour arrangement, I'm actually not ok with that." to Add Background Checks, Founder Says is the latest piece of Wade's online sugar daddy empire, joining and

Asked what motivated him, Wade answered in terms as wholesomely American as Horatio Alger and Mom's apple pie (with a dusting of cynicism on top).

"I was born very much a social inept," Wade said. "My mother used to tell me ... 'just study hard, focus on your school, and once you are successful, you can be generous, then all the women would show up.' So essentially it's her advice to be generous that's causing me to create all these websites."

He's far from an "e-pimp," Wade added: "I am an e-cupid who's bringing a lot of people together and making them fall in love."

As for Steve and Sibel, love may not be the right word, but they did seem to have been hit by Wade's arrow.

When Sibel struggled a bit at the end of a snorkeling session, Steve Baywatched in to help her. She was fine.

"I was prepared to do mouth-to-mouth," Steve quipped.

"You don't need that excuse," Sibel said as they began to kiss and snuggle.

There is also the question of safety. We did a background check on Steve so we know he's not a criminal and Sibel said she Googled Steve beforehand and no alarms sounded.

Wade said that within two months the site will provide the option to do background checks.

"But even with a background check, everything is a still a risk, because people could still lie about their identity," Wade said.

On their last day in Cabo, Sibel made Steve a special breakfast to thank him for the wonderful weekend.

"I think I am going to take my profile down after this weekend," Sibel said, laughing. "I only date one person at a time, and Steve and I are dating."

Did Steve feel the love connection?

"I think we definitely feel something for each other, after that weekend," he said. "The environment promoted a certain connection. ... Fun is the best aphrodisiac."

Steve is flying Sibel to San Diego this weekend so they can watch "20/20" together.

Watch the full story, including footage of Sibel and Steve's blind getaway, on "20/20" online.

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